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Insanity Fitness Workout

October 20, 2019
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If you are bold enough to sign up for a workout regimen named Insanity, you can expect that the name will say it all, and it does. Insanity is an intense fitness program that will challenge your mind and body. But, is it really worth putting yourself through the Insanity fitness workout, or is it […]

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The Best Workout Videos Online

January 16, 2014
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Are you looking to get fit for the new year and want to become more active? Many people are, however, for various reasons you may be putting it off. Gyms can be pricey, and sometimes judgemental. The weather doesn’t always permit a nice hot and hardcore workout. However, you can get your fat burn on […]

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Three Ways to Prevent Workout Injuries

October 24, 2013
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Though it’s something that we tend not to think of in advance, it’s important to consider how to prevent workout injuries. We take the time to focus on a good workout and work hard to get results. We focus on exercises that are going to help us in our goals and we work to perfect […]

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