What is an Adipex Alternative Really?

Oct 18, 2020 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

When someone is searching for an adipex alternative, what are they really looking for? We cover the answer to this common question below.

Who Usually Needs an Adipex Alternative?

In order to understand what an adipex alternative is, you need to know about the types of people who would be searching for this type of product in the first place. Oftentimes, they are patients who have been told by their doctors that they aren’t the right candidates for a prescription diet pill like adipex.

Keep in mind that adipex is designed for those who are obese, and it might also work for those who overweight and have health problems because of their weight. Therefore, a lot of people who are simply overweight, but who might really want to use a diet pill to get some help with meeting their target, are going to be disappointed when they ask their doctor for a prescription. As a result, they’ll go in search of an alternative.

Plus, according to Livestrong, phentermine (the generic version of brand name adipex) is not appropriate for people who have conditions like high blood pressure, glaucoma, overactive thyroid, or heart disease. So, those types of patients might also be in search of an adipex alternative that is safe for them to use.

Adipex Alternative Options

If you are interested in taking an alternative to adipex for any reason, here are a couple of ways to go about finding weight loss pills that can work for you:

  • Other prescription diet pills – If your doctor has told you that adipex isn’t the right prescription diet pill for you, there might be other options available that suit your needs better, so be sure to ask your physician if alternatives are something that you can consider.
  • Over-the-counter diet pills – If you can’t take any prescription diet pill for any reason, you can browse your options in the world of over-the-counter weight management supplements. Just shop with care and ask your doctor for advice if you need it.

An Alternative to Adipex Might Be Right for You

Whether you have tried adipex and it didn’t work well for you, or your doctor has told you that you should not take any prescription diet pills at all, there are alternative options available, including those that you can get without a prescription. Just remember that, whether you’re taking a prescription or non-prescription product to lose weight, you’ll need to eat right and exercise to get the best results.