How Amazon Go Is Changing the Grocery Shopping Experience

Jan 6, 2017 | Diets | 0 comments

Amazon is the biggest and most popular online marketplace where you can purchase just about anything. From workout gear and vitamins, to clothing and entertainment, Amazon is often the first place that online shoppers go when they are looking for a great deal and fast shipping.

But now, thanks to Amazon Go, you can even revolutionize your grocery shopping experience. Keep reading to learn more about this new service that Amazon has been working on for four years.

Amazon Goes Offline for the First Time
Even though Amazon built itself online to become the global giant that it is, Amazon Go is going to be a high-tech, offline, brick and mortar grocery store experience for its customers. Basically, your Amazon account will be linked up so that you can be charged for anything that you take from the grocery store. You don’t even need to stand on a line to wait for a cashier at a register to pay!

Just Walk Out
The technology that Amazon Go utilizes is called “Just Walk Out,” and it includes sensor fusion, deep learning, and computer vision. It can see what you pick up, put into your cart, put back, and actually take with you. All you have to do is scan the Amazon Go app once you enter the store, and then you can start shopping just as you normally would in any other grocery store. Once you leave the store, your Amazon account will be charged and you will get your digital receipt.

What Will the Store Offer?
The great news is that you can expect to find all of the usual packaged goods and produce that you would find in your favorite grocery store when you visit Amazon Go. You will even be able to enjoy the perks of prepared meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking. This means that you can head into an Amazon Go store, grab some lunch and pick up some groceries for dinner later that evening, without having to worry about wasting any time on line.

For those who are always pressed for time and are ready to let technology make their lives even simpler, Amazon Go promises to be a great tool. But before this new service reaches everyone in the US, the company is testing out its first shop in Seattle. Provided that this first store does well in 2017, Amazon plans on expanding to other markets in the future.