Which Appetite Suppressing Supplements Actually Work?

Jan 31, 2014 | Supplements | 0 comments

Appetite suppressing supplements can be found in every weight loss isle of nearly all grocery stores and pharmacies, but only a select few can actually follow through with the promise of appetite suppression. These appetite suppressing supplements can provide lasting hunger control for those days when you feel like a bottomless pit.

Cayenne pepper

Native Americans have been using cayenne pepper for thousands of years. Currently cayenne pepper is a common ingredient in most kitchens. What you may not know is studies show cayenne pepper speeds up the metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant. Certain compounds in many hot peppers, especially cayenne peppers are known to be metabolism boosters and cause the body to produce extra heat as well as burn more calories. Studies suggest that consuming cayenne pepper speeds up the body’s metabolic rate by 15 to 20 percent. Cayenne pepper works more significantly as an appetite suppressant than as a metabolic boosting agent. In addition to suppressing the appetite cayenne pepper also cuts cravings for fatty, salty, and sweet foods.


There is much controversy when it comes to hoodia. It has been used for thousands of years to help suppress the appetite of South African natives and many others. However it does suppress the appetite but sometimes to a somewhat dangerous level. Eating hoodia, the plant suppresses the appetite and the urge to drink significantly. Although eating the plant does suppress the appetite, diet pills or diet pills containing hoodia may not. Researchers say that if you can even find actual pills containing hoodia and not just fake ones, they may also be contaminated. There are a couple big name brand diet pills that use hoodia that can be trusted such as TrimSpa.

Grapeseed oil

When you started appetite suppressants in the past I’m sure grapeseed oil has not been the first to come to mind. However, grapeseed oil is high in linoleic acid. This essential fatty acid is shown to help control hunger and reduce body fat by preventing insulin resistance, basically keeping you feeling full longer.

Raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketones are referred to as a weight-loss miracle supplement. Studies show that it not only helps burn fat efficiently, but it also works as an appetite suppressant. The important thing is to make sure that you’re buying the right raspberry ketone good-quality product. More than an appetite suppressant raspberry ketones are best for fat burning.

There are many natural appetite suppressant supplements out there on the market. The common thing with all these supplements is to make sure that you’re getting a good quality product, make sure you’re reading all the reviews and warnings with each one. More often than not if you’re paying only a few dollars for a supplement the likelihood of it being the real thing or pure is very small. Many times these weight loss are placebos or mixed with ineffective ingredients, so it is very important to do your research first. https://intechrahealth.com