Why Beef Jerky is Actually NOT a Healthy Food at All

Aug 8, 2017 | Diets | 0 comments

Many people are under the impression that beef jerky is a healthy food that makes a great snack, especially when you are on the go or you are too busy. But the truth is that beef jerky is not healthy at all. Continue reading to learn why, and then make it a point to swap out your beef jerky for healthy snacks that will really benefit every part of your body.

Beef Jerky Could Contribute to the Development of Cancer!

According to Morgan Medeiros MSc, who is a renowned clinical nutritionist and weight loss solutions expert, “Jerky belongs to a category of meats known as ‘processed meats’ – yes, even ‘all-natural’ jerkys. This category includes (but is not limited to) hot dogs, ham, bacon, sausages, corned beef, and beef jerky, and canned meat (canned beef hash, spam, etc.). Processed meats as a whole are included in the Group 1 Carcinogen category.”

What is the Group 1 Carcinogen category? The WHO (World Health Organization) has classified various consumer items, including both man-made items and naturally occurring products, so that they could let you know what the potential carcinogenicity is for each one, as well as what the actual carcinogenicity is. In other words, the WHO is trying to let you know about the products that you use or eat every day that could contribute to the development of cancer. The Group 1 Carcinogen category means that the products have been proven to lead to cancer. This is based on evidence and studies.

Put simply, eating beef jerky could increase your risk of getting cancer someday.

No Form of Jerky Is Healthy

In her article, “Is Beef Jerky Healthy? Get the Truth About This Meaty Snack,” Morgan Medeiros MSc has made it a point to let everyone know that “no jerky, no matter how ‘natural’ or ‘nitrite-free,’ is exempt. That goes for turkey, pork, chicken, beef, and anything resembling jerky.”

So if you thought that eating so-called “natural jerky” could be your way of indulging in this snack guilt-free, think again. It is actually best to avoid jerky altogether, regardless of what type of meat is used or what other ingredients are used in the product.

What Can You Eat Instead?

Thankfully, even if you have to cut jerky completely out of your life for the sake of your health and your waistline, there are plenty of other tasty snacks that you can choose from that will actually be good for you. Antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies, as well as nuts that are packed with healthy fats, are just a few examples.

On a whole, processed meats are just as bad as smoking and inhaling asbestos. Consuming them could lead to a range of cancers, including those that affect the stomach, intestines, and colon, so it’s imperative that you make wise snack choices daily.