10 Tiny Lifestyle Changes for a Big Weight Loss Impact

May 24, 2018 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

When you want to achieve big weight loss, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Yes, there are likely to be some lifestyle changes you’ll need to make. Some will be larger than others. That said, a few tiny tweaks here and there will also count.

We all know the phrase “calories in, calories out.” We also know that while that has been an effective technique, there’s more to big weight loss than that. Over the last few years, science and medicine have come a long way in understanding digestion. For instance, we now know that not all calories are created equal.

Some changes will bring on big weight loss more effectively than others. Fortunately, you now have a great list of hacks that will help you to make sure you maximize your loss, too. Consider the following 10 tiny lifestyle changes that will help you get the pounds off fast.

10 Small Changes for Big Weight Loss

1. Get Big Weight Loss With…100 Fewer Calories Per Day

Believe it or not, if you shave just 100 calories off your daily intake, it will make a difference. That is about the equivalent to the amount of butter you’d put on your bread. That little change is about the equivalent to 2,000 steps recorded on your fitness tracker. Over time, it adds up.

For many of us, we can achieve big weight loss with that 100-calorie reduction simply by changing one mealtime habit. What is that habit? Eating after we’re full. If you eat at a comfortable pace – don’t rush – and pay attention to when you feel full, stop eating. Chances are, you’ll have around 100 calories left on your plate…unless you leave your vegetables for last.

To achieve 100 fewer calories per day, you don’t need to cut back by huge amounts. Most of us can use this technique to get big weight loss by leaving a few bites behind on our plates. Combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, and some more of these hacks, it can make a significant difference.

2. Get Big Weight Loss With…A Salad at Every Meal

That’s right. If you eat a salad at every meal, you’ll give yourself a huge advantage for shrinking your waistline. This means every meal. Every. Single. Meal.

Your breakfast, lunch and dinner can all become healthier, lower calorie meals when you start them with salads. This doesn’t mean you can have a taco salad with a creamy dressing. It needs to be fresh, light, nutrient dense and delicious for big weight loss. Here are a few helpful tips to get started:

• Breakfast – Yes, you can have a breakfast salad. If that just called up images of a Caesar and a cup of coffee, don’t worry, that’s not it at all. Consider a fruit salad! Have it before your bowl of steel cut oats or even combine the two. Give your oats a delicious boost in both flavor and nutrition by adding lots of berries, some apple and cinnamon, or some banana slices with four or five walnuts.

• Lunch – Before you dive into your lunch, have a huge bowl of baby spinach and baby kale, topped with red (or green) onion, some strawberries and a balsamic vinaigrette. It’s filling, packed with nutrition and will help you get big weight loss. Even better? You’ll make everyone in the break room jealous!

9• Dinner – Here’s where you can get wild with your salad. Yes, you can take a bowl of field greens or romaine and pile on as many fresh veggies and tomato as you want. However, you can also drop the leaves and make a salad out of fresh tomato, cucumber, green onion, a touch of light feta and some lightly toasted pine nuts. That same balsamic vinaigrette goes here, too. It’s an altered version of a Greek salad you’ll find yourself craving regularly.

To make sure these salads all ensure you achieve big weight loss, avoid creamy dressings. Let the ingredients shine and stick to a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Even better than drizzling the dressing is to spritz it on. You’ll get better coverage with a much smaller amount. The less dressing you eat, the fewer calories you’ll consume.

3. Get Big Weight Loss With…Portion Control

If you don’t know the appropriate portion sizes for the foods you’re eating, you’re doing yourself a disservice. The majority of people guess nowhere near the ideal portion sizes for the dishes they’re eating.

Take the time to learn portion sizes so you can control they way you eat. It will give you big weight loss in return.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean that you need to eat less. It means you will eat the right amount of each food. If you’re the average American, the majority of your dinner plate is taken up by grains of some kind and meat, with a touch of veggies or fruits on the side.

This could mean you’ll have a hamburger with a bun, topped with a piece of lettuce and a tomato slice. You might even have fries with that (no, that doesn’t count as a vegetable!). It may mean that you have pasta with a tomato beef sauce. It could mean that you have steak or a pork chop with rice or potatoes and broccoli or green beans.

Whatever you have on your plate, it’s likely out of balance and is hurting your chances for big weight loss.

4. Get Big Weight Loss With…An Open-Face Sandwich

If you want a great way to enjoy your favorite sandwich and cut back on both carbs and calories, check this out. If you serve it open-faced, you’ll reduce your sandwich’s bread by half. That’s fewer calories, but still all the flavor. Incidentally, most slices of bread are about 100 calories, so that can help you take care of hack 1 on this list automatically!

5. Get Big Weight Loss With…Smart Snacks

It’s time to take a good hard look at your snacks. If you usually eat cookies, you’re piling on the calories without filling yourself up. You’re also shorting yourself on nutrients! Consider a hardboiled egg or some baby carrots and a bit of hummus. With baby carrots, you don’t even have to cut them up!

These types of snacks give you protein or fiber without all the sugar and white flour. Furthermore, they have fewer calories and fill you up at the same time.

6. Get Big Weight Loss With…Ultra Low-Cal Hunger Killers

Add the following to your next grocery list. They will work wonders in helping you to get big weight loss with ease.

• Bags of baby carrots
• Containers of cherry/grape tomatoes
• Broccoli
• Cucumbers
• Cauliflower
• Plums
• Apples

The next time you feel hungry, but you’ve already had your meals and snacks, grab one of these options from your fridge. Cut up the broccoli, cauliflower and cucumbers and seal them into airtight containers. That will make them convenient as a snack, so you won’t skip them because you’re not in the mood for chopping.

7. Get Big Weight Loss With…Knowing Your Alcohol Limit

Drinking no alcohol at all is best when you want to get big weight loss. That said, a drink in the evening or with friends can be very enjoyable. Instead of feeling deprived all the time, know your limit and don’t break it.

For women, your daily drink limit should be one serving of alcohol. For men, it’s two. Note that this is one “serving.” This means the equivalent to a small glass of wine, a can of beer, or one ouncer of hard liquor.

8. Get Big Weight Loss With…Drinking Coffee Black

Save fancy coffees for special treats. If you start drinking them every day, you’re backing down far more empty calories than you think. Furthermore, since specialty coffees don’t fill you up, you’ll still want to eat just as much even though you’ve already had one third to a half of your calorie limit for the day. You’ll feel like you’ve been taking a fat burning supplement such as this one from Intechra Health.

9. Get Big Weight Loss With…Skip the Soda

One can of regular pop contains about 150 calories. If you have two, that means 300 calories. Juice is just as bad and isn’t much better for you. If you want to save yourself a bundle of calories without even trying, start drinking water (plain or with lemon, lime or cucumber in it).

You’ll do yourself a favor in terms of big weight loss. After all, you won’t feel any hungrier, but you’ll drastically reduce your calorie intake. If you think you’re already being smart by choosing diet soda, think again. Research now shows that artificially sweetened pop is actually more likely to cause you to gain weight!

10. Get Big Weight Loss With…Have a Strategy for Eating Out

Just because you want big weight loss, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat out anymore. You just need to know what you’re doing. After all, eating at restaurants typically means a menu full of fatty, salty or sugary items.

Here are some tactics that can keep you on the path for big weight loss even while eating out:

• Order the smallest possible portion
• Split large portions with someone else
• Choose lighter options when possible – get the salad, not the fries
• Ask for water as your drink.