Bone Strengthening Tips for Any Age

Dec 10, 2013 | Diets | 0 comments

Bone strengthening tips are generally geared toward the older generation. After age 50, this becomes an issue when really, we have to consider our bones from birth to death. It only becomes an age issue because of osteoporosis which is the bone degeneration that can come with age. However this degenerative condition can come at virtually any age.

What affects bone density?

Bone density can be affected by taking antacids and for the amount of people in America especially that consume this stuff, it is no wonder bone density issues are on the rise. Any medication that pulls from your calcium stores in the bones is a danger to bone density.

This is why it is so important to talk to not only the doctor but to the pharmacist about any medication. Ask the pharmacist what the short and long term effects are. The pharmacist actually knows much more about a drug than the doctor does because a doctor is not required to do any research on a medication. He or she only prescribes it after speaking to a pharmaceutical sales person.

Bone strengthening tips for any age:

Since most of us were kids, we were told to drink plenty of milk for strong bones and teeth. Now, we are leaning away from dairy because some of it has been deemed unhealthy and milk is laced with so many harmful things because it is mass produced and has to be done cheaply. We give stimulants to cows and such and when we drink it–it’s in our system. You can however drink organic milk which as it stands is not much more expensive than regular.

You can also buy cheeses the same way or you can take some soft and chewable calcium supplements that you can take anywhere so you don’t forget.

The issue here is, if we eat properly, with fresh fruits and vegetables like Kale and mustard greens etc.. we will consume more than enough calcium to keep us healthy through life. The issue has always been what draws calcium out of the body. Even things like alcohol and smoking will do this.

We have more issues with keeping it in our system than actually a deficit that we consume. If we are doing things to counteract the calcium in the body, all the supplements in the world are not going to help.

Foods to eat for bone strengthening at any age:

  • kale
  • green leafy vegetables
  • milk {organic}
  • cheeses
  • fresh non citrus fruits like berries

It is a simple process each day–just research meds and you’ll be good to go!