Build Massive Biceps with This Hardcore Routine

Aug 15, 2016 | Fitness | 0 comments

There’s something really sexy about strong biceps, both on men and on women. But if you want strong, attractive arms, you need to implement the right workout routine that will build massive biceps in the shortest amount of time, so check out the hardcore workout routine below to get started.

One-Arm Preacher Curl
Start with a one-arm preacher curl using a dumbbell that’s heavy enough to be a challenge.

This exercise is great because it’s an isolating motion that focuses the highest amount of stress on the peak of the movement, and it will add fullness to the overall size of your biceps.

To do this exercise correctly, use a preacher bench and hold a dumbbell using an underhand grip. Keep the elbow in place while extended and then slowly curl the weight up. Attempt to touch the shoulder of that arm and then bring the weight back down to repeat.

Hammer Curl
Next, move on to the hammer curl, which will develop your brachialis, which is the strongest flexor muscle of your elbow that runs along the upper arm and lower bicep.

Start by standing with your elbows fixed at each side of your body, and put your palms into a neutral position in which they face each other. Holding your dumbbells, curl them up just as you would during a regular curl, but maintain the position of your hands and your arms at your sides. Lower and repeat.

Barbell Curl
Finish your hardcore workout routine to build massive biceps by performing the barbell curl while standing. This exercise will effectively work both of your biceps at the same time, and after the concentrated movements above, it will be nice to get the support of both arms working at once to lift and lower a heavy amount of weight. Also, even though this is considered the most basic bicep curl, it’s definitely effective, which is why it’s also known as the best bicep exercise.

To do this exercise, you can begin by holding the bar with your hands shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms pointing straight down towards the floor, but keep your elbows about one inch from the sides of your body, not tucked in as you did with the hammer curl above. Then simply curl the weight up towards your chest, and keep the elbows and your back fixed in place. Lower slowly to add resistance and then start again.

If you do these three simple workouts, you can build massive biceps quickly, and you’ll love to show off the results.