Can You Build Muscle Mass Without Lifting Weights?

Sep 19, 2017 | Fitness | 0 comments

If you are not a fan of lifting heavy weights but you do want to increase the strength of the muscles throughout your body, you might be wondering if you could build muscle mass without lifting weights. To get the answer to this question, along with a few helpful tips, check out the information below.

The Short Answer Is: Yes!

Put simply, yes, you can indeed build muscle mass without lifting weights. The key is to use the weight of your own body through a series of exercises that will challenge your muscles in new ways. These workouts can make you surprisingly strong, and they will also allow you to build your muscles in a way that will make them long and lean rather than bulky. Plus, there are body weight exercises that you can perform to work every muscle in your body, from your lower body to your upper body and your core.

The Best Bodyweight Exercises to Try

If you want to build muscle mass but you don’t want to have to use weights, you need to perform the right bodyweight workouts in order to get the results that you want.

For your lower body, focus on performing a variety of squats and lunges. These will serve to work your hamstrings, your quads, your butt muscles, and your calves, as well as your hips. The key is to vary the squats and lunges that you perform so that you can target all of these muscles and keep challenging them as you get stronger.

To work on your core muscles, you can perform floor exercises that will strengthen not only your abs, but also your lower back muscles. Forearm planks are a great challenging workout that you can try in order to strengthen your entire core, but there are also a variety of crunches that you can perform in order to target your upper and lower abs, as well as your obliques.

Finally, to work your upper body, you can do pushups, side planks, and plank exercises. These will work on your chest muscles, as well as your arms and shoulders. Holding your weight up for as long as possible in a pose like forearm plank is sure to challenge your upper body and get you toned up in no time.

It turns out that you can build muscle mass without lifting weights, but you do need to know how to approach this goal in order to achieve the best results. With the right workout strategy, you can steer clear of the weight bench and still have the strong, toned body that you will be proud to show off.