Busy Morning Breakfasts for Weight Loss

Jan 8, 2014 | Diets | 0 comments

It’s hard to get a nutritious morning meal that you can eat while on the go. Many people run out of the house without even having breakfast. However, if you are on your journey to weight loss, breakfast is going to be vital to your success. Here are some nutritious busy morning breakfasts for weight loss and convenience:

Fruit, cheese, and nuts:

You can choose a fruit such as a banana or Apple to grab on the go which provides you fiber as well as instant energy. Then some already cut up cheese cubes such as cheddar cheese or Monterey Jack cheese which will provide you calcium, healthy fat, and protein. Plus a handful of nuts or almonds which is also healthy fats and protein. This breakfast is both healthy for weight loss, will give you lasting energy, and will keep you full for hours. Busy morning breakfasts can still have variety this way.


If you are in the mood for something both sweet and delicious you can choose a whole grain or bran waffle, you can eat it with light syrup or you can replace syrup with peanut butter. Substituting peanut butter for syrup will lower the sugar, and double the protein. You can also add little things to make it more high in protein and fiber such as raisins, almonds, or sesame seeds. This healthy, quick, and convenient breakfast option will keep you full and full of energy.


The shake is the quickest and easiest breakfasts to make. In a blender combine the packet of instant breakfast powder, such as carnation, with one cup of fat free or low-fat milk or almond milk. You may also choose to add real strawberries or bananas for extra fiber and energy. Some people even add protein powder such as whey protein to their shake. You will literally get every nutrient you need this way.

Fast Food:

If you are on the go and fast food is your only option- then an Egg McMuffin is your healthiest choice. Make sure you get the one with a Canadian bacon, ham, and egg to ensure you get a sufficient amount of protein. If you want to get some extra fiber add a fresh piece of fruit such as an orange. With this healthy option you’re getting about 300 calories. If you want to remove extra calories just take the top of the muffin off.

If you are busy and looking for some healthy busy morning breakfasts that are quick and easy you can give these a try. These breakfast options will help you to stay full, eat less, and lose weight. You can also keep a piece of fruit and some nuts with you to stay on track with your diet and stay full. Just remember that skipping breakfast is counter productive and breakfast is essential to a good diet.