Diet and Exercise Tips Inspired by Olympic Sprinter Usain Bolt

Aug 30, 2016 | Diets | 0 comments

There are so many amazing athletes at this year’s summer Olympics in Rio, such as sprinter Usain Bolt, who is the world’s fastest man. He shared some of his diet and exercise tips so that you, too, can become a more fit and energized individual. So if you want to increase your strength, speed, and stamina, keep reading to learn about his strategy for being such an incredible athlete.

What He Eats
To get the fuel that he needs for his intense workouts and his breathtaking speed, Usain Bolt eats three hearty, healthy meals every day. For breakfast, he typically enjoys a Jamaican dish that consists of saltfish, Ackee, potato, a cooked banana, and a yellow yam. Then, for lunch, he will enjoy pasta for some healthy carbohydrates, along with protein packed chicken breast. Finally, for dinner, he will usually enjoy pork with a side of rice and peas.

His Workout Routine
You can try to incorporate some of Usain Bolt’s exercises into your own workout routine, but bear in mind that he has had years of training to get to where he is. Start off slow and steady so that you can remain safe and avoid injuries. After all, when it comes to diet and exercise tips, you have to make them fit your fitness level and your lifestyle.

Usain will exercise for 90 minutes each day, and his workouts are focused on improving his agility and stamina. The exercises maintain his athletic body, build up his core muscles, and enhance his explosiveness, flexibility, and strength.

He does a combination of leg raises, side sweeps, reverse crunches, side plank clams, bunny hops, box jumps, bounding, cable knee drives, and hanging leg raises. For weight training, he will add in a box jump with a medicine ball slam, a barbell lunge, a sled push, and barbell landmine exercises. He will also perform Roman deadlifts, sled drags, barbell ab rollouts, explosive barbell step-ups, and more.

Finally, in order to train for his 100m sprints, he divides his speed into four separate phases that involve various drills.

Follow the diet and exercise tips of Olympic athletes like Usain Bolt to transform your body and the way that you view diet and fitness. You may be surprised by how easy it really is to support a healthy lifestyle, especially once your motivation grows after you realize the positive changes that you are experiencing.