Expecting Mom’s Guide to Diet and Fitness During Pregnancy

Jul 12, 2017 | Fitness | 0 comments

Just because you are pregnant certainly does not mean that you need to put your diet and fitness goals on hold. Instead, you can continue being active throughout your pregnancy, adjusting to your body as it changes along the way to ensure your safety and your baby’s health. In this way, you can remain fitter throughout those nine months and maybe even find it easier to shed the baby weight after you give birth. So keep reading for a short guide to diet and fitness during pregnancy to get started.

You Can Keep Following Your Usual Workout Routine, or Start a New One

If you have already become a regular at the gym, you don’t have to stop because you are pregnant, unless the exercises that you have been doing are considered high risk workouts that are not appropriate for pregnant women. If that is the case, you should not keep following your old routine, but you should instead find pregnancy-appropriate workouts. Working with a trainer can definitely help in this regard.

But even if you did not exercise prior to becoming pregnant, now is a fantastic time to get started. Your body, and your baby, will benefit from the workouts. And, again, working with a personal trainer can steer you in the right direction towards safe, effective routines.

Be Gentle When Stretching and Exercising

Always be aware that the hormone known as relaxin is produced during pregnancy, and it could actually soften your ligaments and joints. Therefore, it is always best to take it a bit easier, especially when you are stretching while you are pregnant, as you don’t want to overdo it by overextending your joints and hurting yourself.

Keep Track of Your Breathing and Pulse

When you are exercising while pregnant, it is also important to be aware of your breath. If you find that you are short of breath, you need to take a step back and stop pushing yourself as hard. You may not be able to do as much as you did before your pregnancy. And as your pregnancy progresses, there will be even less that you will be able to tackle. Working at an appropriate and safe pace, and watching your pulse along the way, will ensure you are getting a great workout without jeopardizing your health.

Follow a Whole Foods Diet

Finally, when it comes to diet and fitness during pregnancy, your developing baby will greatly benefit from a whole foods based diet. This will be packed with nutrition that is easy for your body to absorb and transfer to your child, and it will help prevent excessive weight gain.

Diet and fitness during pregnancy can help you look and feel great. By following the right protocols, you can rest assured that you are doing something good for yourself and your baby.