A Full Body Workout that Requires Only You

Sep 16, 2013 | Fitness | 0 comments

There are ways to do a full body workout without having to go to a gym and spend the extra money. Most of us are not trying to become bodybuilders—so—leave the grunting and heavy weightlifting to them. Most people are only trying to stay slim, fit and healthy. Most people don’t have the time to worry about going to a gym. The last thing anyone wants to do is come home from work and then travel back out to the gym. There is a way that is just as effective and you won’t need anything but yourself and what is around you at a minimum.

The full body workout that involves only you

These movements can be done anywhere such as the home—office—or hotel room. These exercises are targeted to the main parts of the body that most people want to tone and firm.

The wall push: This is a push up that is done against a wall. Stand facing any wall about four feet away. Place palms on the wall shoulder length apart. Keeping your feet planted firmly where they are—bring your nose toward the wall with your body as far between your two hands as possible. Do as many as you can until you feel pain or are tired.

This push up will cover the biceps and triceps as well as forearm and pectorals. This is just as powerful as a traditional pushup.

Lunges: From the same convenient position facing the wall you can smoothly move into the lunge position. Place hands on hips and bend right knee—bringing right foot about four feet forward. Now lunge forward then bring foot back to starting point. Switch legs. Make sure your back remains straight and never lean your body over the knee. Do as many as you can. This is for thighs-front and back.

Triangle: From the same position, move smoothly into the triangle. Take right ankle and place over left knee. Hands on hips. Now, squat gently with left leg about 12 inches. Straighten up and switch legs. This one works your core and abs as well as gluts and total leg.

Crunch: From the same position, facing the wall—lay on your back and place feet flat on wall with knees bent, hands palms down on either side. Use your core and arms to lift head and upper back to crunch. Hold each crunch as long as you can then slowly back down. Do as many as you can. This works core, abs and back.

This full body workout will have you feeling strong and fit in no time!