Get Sexy Legs with These Five Toning Moves

Oct 1, 2013 | Fitness | 0 comments

Very few people are just born with sexy, shapely and perfect legs. For many of us, we carry our weight over time in the bottom area of our bodies. But there is hope! Toning is part of this issue because as we age, we tend to lose muscle tone even if we haven’t gained fat—and it can make us feel self-conscious. With these five toning moves we can be sure to get back at least some of the tone we had and get back into those shorts and skirts we threw back in the closet! It is possible to get sexy legs.

Get Sexy Legs With These 5 Toning Moves:

Squats: These will tighten legs and butt. Stand with your feet shoulder length apart, hands on hips and squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor then at that point—stand straight again. Do this first without the aid of weights and then add them as you progress. When you do use weights, make sure they are no more than 2-5 pounds. Hold them on your hips and repeat the process described above. Try to do 5 reps of 25 each to start.

Lunges: Stand with your legs less than shoulder length apart by around three inches. With the right leg, lunge forward until the left knee nearly touches the floor and at that point stand in starting position again. Switch legs and do at least 5 reps of 25 to start.

Squat Kicks: These are done following the same direction as the traditional squats but with a twist. Squat in the traditional way, then on the way up—kick right leg to the side. Then squat and kick left leg to the side on the way up. Do 5 reps of 25 each leg to start.

Reverse Plank: This is an interesting one. Sit up straight on the floor with your legs out straight. Place your arms behind you with palms down. Lift your butt and entire torso up until all are aligned in a straight line. Hold for a count of 10 the drop your body only until your butt almost touches the floor—before it hits the ground—pull up and straighten out again. Do at least 10 to start.

Side Lunge: Stand with feet shoulder length apart. Lunge to the right first with only your right leg—allowing your left leg to stay straight and follow, leaning to the right. Switch legs and repeat 5 reps of 25 to start.

Combine all of these moves into a leg workout routine to get sexy legs everyone will notice.