Can a Green Smoothie Really Get You Through a Workout?

Apr 19, 2014 | Fitness | 0 comments

Many people drink different types of shakes and supplements to get an energy boost when working out. While taking pre-workout supplements is not harmful, it is better that you seek additional energy through natural means. Certain types of green vegetables provide significant quantities of protein.

Therefore, the best way to boost energy and get protein at the same time is to make a green smoothie. You can drink a green smoothie before you go to the gym, and you will not feel tired during the workout.

Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Drinking a green smoothie before beginning your workout helps with post-workout recovery. This is because the smoothie has a hefty quantity of protein and other essential nutrients. It provides your body with enough strength to last the duration of the workout. Most pre-workout supplements that are available on the market do not help with post-workout recovery. They provide you substantial energy during the workout, but the effect wears off afterward.

Calories for Energy

During a workout, your body needs calories to burn. These calories are what give your body the energy to exercise. If you do not have enough calories in your body, you will feel tired mid-way. Drinking a smoothie will give you plenty of energy to last the entire workout and then some. It is one of the best sources of energy.

Metabolism Boost

Smoothies are beneficial for the body in general. Smoothies contain fruit and vegetable fibers. Even though this fiber does not provide you any actual energy, it enhances your digestive system. Fiber is not digestible; rather, it simply passes from the digestive tract and restores its functionality. Moreover, the fiber keeps you feeling full for longer. Therefore, consuming a green smoothie will keep you from feeling hungry for quite some time.

Post-Workout Calorie Burn

Since you won’t feel the need to eat following a workout, you will burn more calories. In most cases, a significant amount of calories that you have accumulated are burned during the workout. This not only makes you feel tired while you are exercising but also tends to leave you feeling hungry immediately afterward. Since smoothies make you feel full, though, you will not feel the need to eat. This way, you will continue burning calories after the workout.

This is why one should consider drinking green smoothies. They not only help you in exercising effectively, but they are also a good source of lean protein.