Break the Habits Stopping Weight Loss

Dec 30, 2019 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

Life is a confusing place, and if there is anything that we discover as we live it, it is that each of our actions have different types of consequences. Furthermore, while many of them have benefits, they also often have drawbacks, as well. Unfortunately, this has meant that many of the habits that we have spent our lives building are now leading to unwanted consequences.

If you are trying to lose weight, it is important for you to have a look at the way that you live your life and the habits that you have built, so that you can alter those that may be leading you to struggle unnecessarily.

The following are some of the habits that you might have and that might be slowing down your weight loss progress.

Habits Stopping Weight Loss

  1. Always cleaning your plate

From childhood, most of us are told that we must clean our plates at each meal. In fact, many children were not allowed a reward – dessert – unless they ate everything that was put in front of them. This habit may reduce some wasted food, but it can also lead to adults who feel the need to finish whatever is on their plates, no matter what is there and how much of it has been served. Start to pay closer attention to your own body’s signals of when you are starting to feel satisfied and know how many calories are contained on your plate and then stop when you know that you have had enough. This becomes much easier if you serve yourself less to begin with.

  1. Always eating on dinner plates

One of the problems with the standard dinner plate is that it is too large for many meals. It is ingrained in us that we should have a plate full of food in order to feel that we have enough of it for our meal. However, if you are being served a hamburger, this leaves a lot of extra space to be filled on the plate, despite the fact that you are eating a tremendous number of calories in that one meat sandwich. Have a look at the type of meal that you are eating. If you are having a green salad, a dinner plate will do the trick. However, for something like a burger, try a side plate, instead. It might feel strange at first, but you’ll feel more satisfied by a smaller amount of food provided that your plate looks full. A study at Cornell University found that people eating burgers off saucers felt that they were eating 18 percent more food than those eating the same amount from a dinner plate.

  1. Helpings

If you’re a person who likes to take second helpings, then make sure that the first ones that you take are quite small. That way, when you double up on the amount that you’ve served yourself, you won’t be leading yourself on the road to excess calories quite as easily – especially when you’re working with a smaller plate!

  1. Doing the same workouts all the time

Are you doing the same exercises all the time? Then it is important that you start taking some steps towards switching things up. According to Harvard Health Publishing, trying new exercises is a way to lose more weight, so if you are stagnating by doing the same exercises all the time, this is one of the bad habits stopping weight loss. Consider things like dancing, swimming, power yoga, or anything else that seems interesting and challenging. This will stimulate your muscles in new ways, causing you to build their strength more effectively, while also burning plenty of calories to slim down with greater ease. Plus, when you do a variety of workouts, you also help prevent yourself from growing bored with your routine, and that can help you keep going strong.

  1. Skipping breakfast 

Another one of the common bad habits stopping weight loss is skipping breakfast. Whether you are under the false impression that this is an effective weight loss strategy, or you simply skip your breakfast because you are usually too pressed for time in the morning, it is time to change your ways. Even if it means preparing your breakfast the night before so you can quickly reheat it in the morning, enjoy it cold, or have it on-the-go, this simple step can make a big difference in how much weight you are capable of losing. So, you don’t necessarily have to make yourself wake up earlier in the day if that is not something that you want to do just to have time for breakfast. No matter what, this first meal of the day should be a healthy and nutritious one that will not only fill you up and give you energy, but will also help jumpstart your metabolism.

  1. Not getting enough sleep every night 

Are you failing to prioritize your sleep? If that’s the case, it is time to recognize that this is yet another one of the bad habits stopping weight loss. That’s because getting enough sleep can help you shed pounds. On the flipside, getting inadequate amounts of sleep can actually contribute to weight gain. On average, adults need around eight hours of sleep every night, but go with whatever you feel you need in order to wake up energized.

Now that you know about some of the bad habits stopping weight loss, you can change up your routine so that you can incorporate healthier habits that will help you lose weight more easily. Be consistent in your efforts, and understand that if you falter, it is totally fine, as no one is perfect. Just do your best, follow smart strategies, and you will get results.