Healthy French Toast Recipes for Breakfast

Jan 18, 2015 | Diets | 0 comments

There is little to no debate as to whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets your metabolism and your brain going, not to mention that it can be an enjoyable start to a busy schedule. Staying healthy does not mean that you have to eat foods that taste like cardboard every morning, but it does mean that you should think about getting creative in the way you prepare your favorite meals. Luckily, there are healthy French toast recipes for those of us who love our kick of sweetness in the wee hours.

Use Fresh Fruit Capote Instead of Sugary Syrup

Who doesn’t love some French toast with sugary syrup all over it? After all, that is how we all remember eating it as a kid. Well, we are not kids anymore, and our metabolisms clearly show that, which is why finding healthy French toast recipes is so important. Now might be a good time for you to consider using some delicious fresh fruit capote instead of maple syrup or powdered sugar. It might not taste exactly how you remember it, but it will still be scrumptious and satisfying. On top of that, it will be much better for your waistline as well.

Opt for Organic Eggs and Low-Fat Milk

When making your liquid mixture for your toast, take a moment to think about the quality of ingredients you used. Did you know that certain eggs and types of milk have excess additives that might be harmful to your health? Instead of picking up just anything from the grocery store, try to find organic eggs and low-fat milk so that you can create truly healthy French toast recipes from beginning to end. Although a lot of people do not quite understand the importance of organic eating, studies have shown how the presence of certain synthetic additives can adversely affect a person’s overall health.

Choose Whole Wheat Bread

Healthy French toast recipes are completed with the use of whole wheat bread, not just whatever you have lying around the house. You wouldn’t consider a sandwich made with bleached wheat a healthy meal, so why would you think it is any different with French toast? Start your mornings out right by grabbing up some bread that is naturally high in fiber, dipping it in your organic mixture, and topping it with some delicious fresh fruit capote. Then you will have prepared one of the best healthy French toast recipes of all time!