How to Gain Big Muscles Without Steroids

Mar 25, 2016 | Fitness | 0 comments

People often wonder how to gain big muscles without using steroids. Although it may require extra effort from your side, there are still a number of ways you can gain big muscles. Here’s a look at how to gain big muscles without steroids:

Eat Well After a Workout
Replace comfort food after your workout with healthy carbs and fruits.

Moreover, it’s best to work out at a time close to a meal. When you eat after your workout, the nutrients reach your growing muscles. You should eat a protein based meal 30 minutes after your workout.

Break the Muscles Down To Build Them Stronger and Bigger
Fitness gurus suggest 6 to 8 reps and at least three exercises for every muscle group. The secret to gaining big muscles without steroids is selecting the right workout that puts your muscles to use. Lifting heavy weights will hurt your muscles and can also damage them. When you use weights that are too heavy for you, you end up working out with the wrong technique which increases the risk of injury. The ideal option is to get an expert to guide you during your workout.

Increase Your Calorie Intake
You have to eat at least 1600 calories to build muscle. Now this doesn’t mean you eat whatever you can grab. For building muscles, it is essential to eat lean meat, beans, fish, protein and high calorie but low-fat food items. No empty calories should be consumed and all meals should be planned out with care.

Some More Tips on Gaining Muscles
There are also some other ways of gaining muscles without using steroids. It is important you make up for calorie loss during your workout because if you don’t replace them right, the workout can cause weight gain. Do not at all skip cardiovascular exercises as they are good for your heart and your overall health. Drink at least 1 to 2 liters of water every day as 70% of your muscles are made up of water. Consuming more water means you have more energy to work out and gain big muscles.

Building muscle without steroids also requires you to eat more protein. Around 30% of your muscles are composed of protein. Therefore, it is important to consume as much protein as possible for repairing and rebuilding muscles after a workout. Include some good fats in your diet as they are essential for good health.

In addition to these tips on how to gain big muscles, make sure you get plenty of sleep and don’t compromise on rest period.