6 Ways to Keep Body Odor Under Control During Workouts

May 2, 2017 | Fitness | 0 comments

Body odor is embarrassing no matter when it shows up, but it can be especially troublesome while you are exercising around other people. So follow the six tips below, which are designed to help you keep body odor under control during even your toughest and sweatiest workout routines.

1. Shower Every Day with Antibacterial Soap

Taking a shower every day is definitely one of the top ways to reduce body odor, as it will serve to remove debris and sweat from your skin. Sweat could harbor bacteria and help it proliferate to make you smell offensive, so it is best to shower with an antibacterial soap to kill off even more bacteria than regular soap can. Then dry yourself thoroughly and apply an antiperspirant.

2. Keep Yourself Dry

When your skin is kept dry, bacteria will have a harder time surviving and multiplying, so if you want to keep body odor under control while you are exercising, keep a towel handy. This goes for if you are jogging at the park or running on a stationary bike. You can also keep a towel near your yoga mat or your weight machine. Simply dry yourself off as you start to sweat.

3. Talk to Your Doctor About a Prescription Deodorant

Not all deodorants and antiperspirants are created equal. Look for products that are designed with stronger ingredients but don’t require a prescription. But even the strongest over-the-counter deodorants and antiperspirants might not be strong enough to handle your body odor and keep it at bay, so talk to your doctor about a prescription product that you can try instead. Apply before and after your workouts.

4. Avoid Stinky Foods

Certain foods will make you sweat more, while others will boost your body odor. Avoid spicy foods, including hot peppers, in the hours prior to your workout. Even caffeinated beverages and alcohol could result in more sweat production. Also avoid foods that have strong smells, such as garlic and onions. These smells can actually be carried in your sweat.

5. Keep Your Clothes Clean and Dry

Don’t wear the same workout clothes more than once. Wash your workout gear right after you are done wearing it. And if your shoes tend to smell badly, you can use a deodorant powder designed for shoes too.

6. Talk to Your Doctor

By following these tips, you should be able to keep body odor under control, but if you are sweating excessively and you are still unable to stop your body odor from taking over, consider talking to your doctor for a solution.


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