Are Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements Worth the Money?

Jun 12, 2014 | Supplements | 0 comments

Multivitamin supplements are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Some people consume them to stay healthy. Others consume them if they have a deficiency. These days, multivitamins are even prescribed for children. There are quite a few benefits of consuming multivitamins; however, these vitamins are synthetic. They are not natural.

This is what causes a potential problem. To be sure, multivitamins should be consumed if there is no other option. However, people tend to consume them like tic-tacs. But the question remains: Are multivitamin and mineral supplements really worth the money? Let’s look at how multivitamins should be used:

Consuming Vitamin Supplements

Most people prefer using multivitamin and mineral supplements instead of fulfilling the requirement naturally. They do not realize that vitamin supplements are not natural. Instead of fulfilling your vitamin and mineral deficiency, they may prove inadequate or even cause harm. This is why the best option is to consume vitamins from natural sources. You will thereby get into the habit of eating healthy. You should consult a doctor about which foods you can consume to fulfill your vitamin and mineral requirements.

Ideal Method of Consuming Vitamins

There is an extensive variety of natural foods you can consume instead of multivitamin and mineral supplements. In fact, these foods will prove to be a better option than vitamin supplements. They will get you accustomed to eating natural and healthy foods. You will also, of course, see an improvement in your health when your vitamin and mineral requirement is fulfilled. If your diet is not able to fulfill the requirement, or if the deficiency you have is too severe, then you can consume vitamin supplements. Otherwise, the supplements should be avoided.

When Should You Use Vitamin Supplements

There are certain situations in which you absolutely have to consume vitamins and minerals via secondary means. Women who are nursing their babies should consume supplements. In fact, women should take vitamins and minerals throughout their pregnancy. In addition, people over the age of 60 should consume multivitamin and mineral supplements. This is because, after a certain age, the body is unable to absorb most of the minerals and vitamins through natural means.

If you are planning to consume a vitamin supplement, or if you have a deficiency, consider the potential costs and benefits first.