How to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

Apr 4, 2014 | Fitness | 0 comments

How to naturally increase testosterone levels is somewhat of a craze at this point because all you ever seem to see sometimes on TV is low-testosterone commercials and drugs to combat it. However, it is also risky to take these drugs since the side effects are normally greater than the benefits. Low testosterone is not a benign condition. It is wrought with symptoms that can be less than life-affirming.

First, it reacts in a man much like menopausal symptoms in a female. In fact, as men age, they will drop in their testosterone levels just as women lose estrogen; but not many people think of testosterone replacement for men. This is because it is only now becoming more pronounced and publicized. People are very aware now, though, and are more open to discussing men’s issues without the stigma. So, if you are a guy with low testosterone, what will you experience?

Some of the biggest tell-tale symptoms are lower energy and enthusiasm. Of course, the lowering or diminishing of the sex drive is another big one, and that is where most guys take notice and seek help.

How to Naturally Increase Testosterone

There are more ways to naturally increase testosterone levels in men than you might think. Here we will discuss several ways of doing so. First, one of those big culprits of testosterone killing is being overweight. You may be able to spike your testosterone by reducing your weight at least ten pounds.

Do some serious, quick exercise, like sprints or physically demanding sports, which will increase your testosterone uptake. Take zinc and eat anything that has zinc in it regularly. When you engage in strength training, you are also able to boost your testosterone. This is an activity that guys love to begin with, and it will certainly do the job.

Increased intake of vitamin D is a way to strengthen the nucleus of the sperm cell and will increase testosterone. You can find vitamin D in food or by way of a combination of food, sun, and supplements. Twenty minutes of sun each day and you are good to go, especially when combined with the highest dose of vitamin D in a supplement form, which should turn things around for you in a reasonable amount of time–perhaps 30 days or so.

Stressing out is also a testosterone inhibitor, and the culprit here is cortisol. When you stress out, you release this hormone and cause testosterone to plummet. So zen out a bit and let your testosterone increase naturally.

All of these tips represent the best ways to naturally increase testosterone levels in men.