A weight loss support group can be extremely valuable when you are working on losing any amount of weight. Whether you have 80 pounds to shed or just 10 pounds, it can be tough to hit your target weight, but the right support group can be there to help guide you, keep you motivated when you are ready to give up, answer your questions, and keep you on track when you feel like you are falling off course.

If you are ready to get some much-needed support, you might be wondering, “where can I find weight loss support groups near me?” This is a valid, and frequently asked, question. That’s why we’re here to help you find the solution that is just right for you!

Resources That Help with Finding Weight Loss Support Groups Near Me

Here are some of the ways that you can go about answering the question, where to find weight loss support groups near me:

  • Check out resources like the Obesity Action Coalition website. There, you can find your state, click on it, and see a list of support groups in that state. From there, you can see which ones are located closest to you.
  • Head to Meetup.com to see if there are any weight loss support groups and events in your area that are using this resource to make plans and meet in person.
  • You can also check out the Overeaters Anonymous website. See if there are any in-person meetings in your area that you can attend to gain insight, advice, and tips on how to change your eating habits for the better.

Consider Medical Facilities or Fitness Centers 

Check out the medical facilities in your area, and see if they are offering any weight loss programs. They might provide you with access to support groups, and you might even be able to connect with some professionals, such as nutritionists, who can help you get on track towards slimming down with greater ease.

Another option would be to check fitness facilities in your area. These also might offer weight loss programs that include the assistance of support groups. You might be able to gain insight into how to eat, as well as how to exercise, in order to get the best results on your slim-down journey. 

Check Out Social Media Groups 

If you have accounts on social media websites, you might be able to search for a topic like “weight loss support groups near me” to easily find other like-minded people who are also seeking support while working on shedding excess weight. And, even if they do not meet up in person in your area, you can still gain valuable help when you connect with others on the internet.

No matter where you find the weight loss support group that is right for you, once you have joined, you are sure to love it.


The Best Fat Blasting Exercises

by Carey on 06/06/2020

To lose weight successfully, you need to not only eat right; you also need to exercise regularly. Also, if you are doing the right fat blasting exercises, you can achieve some pretty incredible results in a surprisingly short amount of time.

With today’s busy lifestyles, when you know that you need to exercise to burn calories and not just keep up your health, you need to make sure that you’re using every minute to its fullest. After all, we just don’t have time to waste anymore. Though you could go to the gym and have a trainer teach you how to burn the calories, there, you can also blast those fats away in no time when you choose the right activities.

How can you make the most of every minute that you spend working out in an effort to improve your weight and health? We’ve got you covered with some of the best fat blasting exercises that are sure to get you the results you want.

A Look at the Best Fat Blasting Exercises Using Workout Machines

Whether you have a gym membership or you want to invest in some workout equipment that you can use at home, there are certain exercise machines that will help you get the results that you’re after.

What are some of the best machines for blasting through fat? They include:

  • Rowing machine
  • Stationary bike
  • Stair climber
  • Elliptical
  • Treadmill

Get Your Muscles Working!

If you want to hit the gym at get serious, there are several exercises that you can do to build muscle, and burn fat and calories. According to Men’s Health, there are a lot of different exercises that you can do, so you can vary your routine to avoid growing bored. Below are some of the best fat blasting exercises that they recommend, and that you should definitely consider adding to your workout schedule if you are hoping to slim down and tone up in an efficient manner:

  • Goblet squats
  • Med ball slams
  • Box squat jump
  • Stepup jump
  • Bear crawl
  • Dumbbell muscle snatch
  • Alternating kettlebell swing
  • Dumbbell farmer’s walk
  • Battle rope wave
  • Walking lunge
  • Box thruster

Fat Blasting Exercises You Can Do Without a Gym Membership

The following are some of the best fat blasting exercises and calorie burners that you can do without ever having to buy a gym membership. Taking them on will give you the best chance to burn calories away in the smallest possible amount of time.

  • Running – about 370 calories in 30 minutes – there’s a reason that runners have such a lean and sleek physique. It’s because the muscles that are used for running are the biggest calorie and fat burners in the body. To make sure that you’re getting the most out of your workout, make sure you’re landing on the middle of the foot and rolling forward through your toes. Keep your arms close to your body and swing them. Resist the urge to lean forward. Burn even more by either running up and down hills or by alternating from running slowly to quickly at intervals.
  • Inline skating – about 425 calories in 30 minutes – this is one of the highest fat and calorie burning exercises that can be done without gym equipment. It is because of the side to side motion of the thigh muscles and glutes and because your core is continually active to maintain your balance. The smooth pace and motions place far less stress on the joints – especially the knees – than other similar exercises like running. Alternate fast, hard skating with medium paced skating to burn the most calories.
  • Skipping rope – about 340 calories in 30 minutes – this is a surprising calorie burner, but it depends on your ability to find a jump rope that is the ideal length for you. To be able to make sure that each jump is doing the most for you, stand on the middle of the rope and choose one that has handles that reach your arm pits. Keep your body upright and jump with your feet slightly apart. Try to keep your jumps as low as possible to the ground while still allowing the rope to pass between your feet and the floor. If you don’t have a jump rope or you can’t find one in the right length, just go through the motions as though you did have one; you’ll receive the same calorie blasting benefits!

Definitely Give These Fat Blasting Exercises a Try!

You might need to do a little trial and error to find the right fat blasting exercises that you should add to your workout routine. After all, not all exercises are for everyone, and you need to work within your limits. Don’t overdo it by pushing yourself too far, too fast. Instead, gradually work your way up to tougher and tougher workouts as you get stronger. You don’t want to do more harm than good! Before long, as you become stronger, you’ll be ready to add new fat blasting exercises to your schedule to keep your body guessing, and to continue progressing. Have fun!


Do you want to achieve weight loss in 6 months? Great! That is plenty of time to achieve amazing progress at a steady and safe pace. But, what goals should you set for this type of slim-down goal? Check out our tips below to learn more.

Start with How Much Weight You’ll Lose Each Week 

It’s a good idea to break down the 6 months into shorter spans of time so you can set weight loss goals. For example, experts recommend losing only 1 to 2 pounds per week in order to stay within a safe zone. Over time, this would add up to an average of 4 to 8 pounds per month. And, over the course of 6 months, you can potentially lose 24 to 48 pounds. Wow!

Set Process Goals 

According to Mayo Clinic, you can also set progress goals to set yourself on the right track. If you are always focusing on the outcome of your journey, you might become too preoccupied with the number of pounds you want to shed. A progress goal, on the other hand, will focus on how you will achieve your overall goal over the course of several months. For example, you might aim to drink more water, walk more often, or eat a specific number of servings of vegetables. This helps you change your habits and your daily behaviors for the better.

Diet and Exercise Goals 

Any smart weight loss plan will have diet and exercise goals in mind, whether you plan to try to lose weight for 6 weeks or 6 months.

  • When it comes to diets, there are a lot of eating plans you can try. But, it is best to go with one that you think you will find easier to follow, and that you can follow long-term without having to worry about any potential adverse health effects. If you can get yourself on an eating plan that you can maintain for the long run, you can lose the weight and keep it off.
  • In terms of exercising, you also have a lot of freedom to choose the direction you’ll go in. Generally, though, it’s a good idea to combine cardio with strength training throughout the week. So, you might do a few days of cardio and a few days of weight lifting to burn fat and build muscle.

There you have it: a few tips to implement when you want to achieve weight loss goals in 6 months. Good luck!


If you want to keep up with your vacation workout plans, then make sure your trips aren’t just about lying on the beach. Sure, soaking up the sun can be a fantastic part of your time away from home, but you can still have fun while moving around.

When you’re on a Mexican holiday, spoil yourself by staying in a luxury Mexico beach villa, but don’t forget your vacation workout times while you’re there! You can swim in the pool or in the ocean. You can run on the beach. But you can also learn about history and get a great hike while you do it.

A San Blas Historical Vacation Workout

It’s worth your while to drive out to San Blas both for the regions fascinating naval history and for a great vacation workout at the same time. Head outside of town to the ruins so you can check out an important part of this region’s roots.

This town was founded by Spanish explorers. It was used as a shipyard and a port where Spanish colonizers could stop and supply themselves before moving onward. It was originally founded in 1530 by Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán. That said, it was first recognized as a deep sea port in 1768 by King Charles III of Spain.

Your Vacation Workout Through Time

When you head out to the ruins, you’ll likely start at the Contaduría, which was first built on the San Basilio hill in 1770. It wasn’t the first building there, as Franciscan friars under Firar Junípero Serra had been there a few years earlier when they headed off on their mission from the port to the Nuestra Señora de Loreto Mission for the purpose of colonizing the Californias.

The Contaduria was an extremely important structure as it was both a headquarters and a storage facility. Let your hike take you around the ruins of what was once a multi-story building that was large enough and visible enough to be used as an important landmark even from the water.

Keep your hike going down the hill and you’ll come across the Nuestra Señora del Rosario church ruins. That church was first built back in 1769. This will make you feel as though you’ve traveled back into an entirely different point in Mexican history, far before your trip – or your vacation workout – began.

Other Travel and Vacation Workout Strategies for Staying Fit

Even if you’re not doing an activity or seeing a site that is particularly physically demanding, there are many basic vacation workout tricks you can employ to stay on top of things.  Use the following to help you to make sure you keep fit while you’re away, even if your typical strategy isn’t available to you.

Don’t Expect Too Much

The odds are that you won’t be able to match all your typical weekly exercises with the vacation workouts you complete.  Tell yourself that it’s all right if you don’t get fit in your normal way.  Be realistic and set a goal of completing at last half of your typical workouts.  Anything more is just a bonus.

Be Prepared

Instead of waiting until you arrive at your destination, have a plan in place for your vacation workouts.  Consider your accommodations and the potential workout spaces available. Is there a fitness center on site? A pool? Is there a hiking or jogging trail? Is there a nearby park with something you can use as a track?  Find out what’s available to you and plan ahead to work with it.

Check Out Local Gyms

If you truly feel that you can’t get the workout you want without a gym, check out the area to see if a gym is available. You may be able to find one that sells day passes to let you in while you’re visiting the area.

Pack Smart

You may not be able to bring all your favorite gym equipment with you, but you can still bring some great options along. For instance, a resistance band takes up next to no space but can give you a complete upper and lower body workout.  Come up with some routines before you leave so you’ll already have the guidance you need to do your best vacation workout.  Also consider packing a couple of empty water bottles you can refill and use as hand weights.  Make sure the bottles are the same size for equal weight when filled.

Beyond equipment, don’t forget to pack comfortable workout clothes appropriate for the weather where you’ll be traveling.

Prioritize Fun

Your vacation workout is important, but don’t allow it to sacrifice the fun of your vacation because you want to exercise and keep up your fitness.  If you find yourself skipping trying local delicacies or you delay – or skip – various sites and adventures so you can exercise instead, you’re missing the point of traveling in the first place. Give yourself a break.  Enjoy where you are. You’ll do the rest of your exercises when you get home.


Did you know that there is a difference between weight loss vs fat loss, and that it can determine if you will reach your goal? It’s true! Continue reading to learn more so you can take a smarter approach when attempting to slim down.

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss: The Basics 

According to Livestrong, your actual goal should be to lose fat, not to lose weight. That’s because losing weight means you’re losing everything from water weight to muscle weight, as well as fat pounds. When you step on the scale, this can be really misleading. Want to Keep Reading? Click Here…


Losing weight is something that a lot of people want to do and some aim to do it with a full fitness transformation. They want to look amazing in their new pair of jeans or to just feel better. They want to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes or cancer or simply want to reduce knee pain.

But before you begin your fitness transformation, you want to make sure that you are doing things correctly. Putting in a lot of hard work and not seeing results can be frustrating. Even worse is the risk that you’ll injure yourself by pushing yourself too hard or using the wrong form.

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The development of cataracts is a common eye problem that can occur with age. Taking steps towards preventing cataracts is wise, and those steps can include seeing an eye doctor regularly for checkups, eating right, leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and taking supplements that can help fill in nutritional gaps. But, can selenium and vitamin E, in particular, help with preventing cataracts?

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The Raw Food Diet

by Carey on 17/02/2020

You know that eating more plants is great for you, right? Even pro athletes have been switching to a plant-based diet, according to CNET, so why shouldn’t you?

There are different variations of the plant-based diet. You can, for example, follow a diet that consists of a lot of mock meats and dairy products like Impossible, Beyond, Gardein, Sweet Earth, Lightlife, Field Roast, Daiya, Violife, Silk, etc. The list goes on and on! Alternatively, you can use natural ingredients, such as tempeh, tofu, and seitan, to recreate your favorite traditional recipes. Or, you can follow a whole-food plant-based diet that is primarily focused on using fresh ingredients, like veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and beans. And, when you are aiming to eliminate as much processed and packaged foods as possible, there is a raw diet that you can follow as well.

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The Role Sleep Plays in Muscle Growth

by Marie on 11/02/2020

If you want to build strong muscles throughout your body, you need to get plenty of rest. Continue reading to learn more about the role that sleep plays in muscle growth.

Your Body Repairs Itself During Sleep

Did you know that human growth hormone is released when you sleep, thereby promoting muscle growth? In men, for example, up to 70% of the daily secretion of human growth hormone will happen while you are asleep. Therefore, if you are not getting good quality rest, you could be adversely impacting your hormone levels.

Plus, during Rapid Eye Movement, or REM, sleep, your body can restore and repair tissues, bones, and organs. Immune cells are replenished as well, making sleep integral to good overall health. We don’t recommend the Hibernation diet, but we do recommend sleeping well every night.

Reaching an Anabolic State During Sleep

Another reason why rest is so necessary for the growth of your muscles is because, while you are asleep, your body will enter a higher anabolic state. This means that the body will be able to utilize the time that you are at rest to rejuvenate the muscles throughout your body.

Any microscopic tears that occurred on the cellular level while you were working out will be repaired during sleep. That will cause your muscles to grow larger and stronger. So, in addition to focusing on nutrition to feed your muscles, you also need to focus on letting them rest for a long enough period that will allow repairs to occur.

Inhibiting Cortisol

Cortisol is that nasty stress hormone that everyone wants to avoid. But did you know that it could counteract testosterone and inhibit muscular growth, while also aiding the breakdown of muscles too?

If you aren’t getting enough hours of sleep, your cortisol level could increase, and that could reduce the effectiveness of your workouts because your body won’t be able to grow those muscles that you worked on.

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Now that you know how important sleep is to your muscles, you are likely wondering just how much sleep you really need to get every night. And you are also probably asking yourself if you are getting enough hours of sleep. Put simply, on days when you train, you should try to get 8 to 10 hours of good quality sleep at night.

Having Trouble Getting the Rest You Need for Muscle Growth?

You know you need to get enough shut-eye in order to achieve adequate muscle growth, but what if you are having a lot of trouble falling, and staying, asleep every night? Well, you certainly aren’t alone. According to Real Simple, it’s harder to fall asleep as an adult. But, don’t fret, as there are many strategies that you can try, such as making your bedroom temperature cooler, removing technology from the bedroom, and listening to calming music or doing some relaxing yoga before bed.

One of the easiest ways to achieve better sleep, though, is by using sleep supplements that contain high-quality ingredients. Opt to take a product that you can buy over the counter, and that contains a variety of ingredients that are natural and proven to be helpful when it comes to falling asleep faster and staying asleep throughout the night. Some of the top ingredients to look for include:

  • Melatonin
  • Magnesium
  • Valerian
  • Passionflower
  • Hops
  • L-Theanine

The right combination of ingredients that promote sleep can be even more effective than just taking one ingredient, such as melatonin, every night. This can be really helpful when you are getting so little sleep that your muscle growth is suffering as a result.

Getting the Right Amount of Rest Is So Important!

As you can see, sleep is a really important component to muscle growth, so if you are working hard at the gym to build strong, sexy muscles, whether you want to strengthen your arms, core, or lower body, make it a point to get enough hours of sleep every night.

If you are experiencing a lot of difficulty getting the rest that you need, especially if you have already tried a sleep aid, be sure to consult with your physician. He or she can diagnose your sleep disorder and steer you in the right direction towards the appropriate treatment.


Break the Habits Stopping Weight Loss

by Carey on 30/12/2019

Life is a confusing place, and if there is anything that we discover as we live it, it is that each of our actions have different types of consequences. Furthermore, while many of them have benefits, they also often have drawbacks, as well. Unfortunately, this has meant that many of the habits that we have spent our lives building are now leading to unwanted consequences.

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