Best Places to Go Jogging or Walking

Jan 3, 2014 | Fitness | 0 comments

It’s obvious that some of the best places to go jogging or walking are going to be outdoors. Many people find exercising on the mountains invigorating amongst many other things. Running out in the wild through the woods keeps you zen. Then of course there is walking or jogging on the beach, which is more beneficial than hitting the pavement. No matter what you choose, morning is the best time for biking, walking, jogging or other types of physical activities that take place outside.

Mountain training, or running or walking in the mountains has been referred to as invigorating. Mountains are tough and challenging, they will break your rhythm and make it harder for you to run fast. Mountain running also puts a lot of strain on your body, but they’re good for you and great for your running. Mountains improve muscle strength, quickens your stride, give you more stamina, develop your cardiovascular system, and enhance your running technique among many other things. The long-term benefits of Mountain running will be making you a stronger, faster, and healthier runner. You will also notice the benefits of Mountain running relatively quickly in as little as six weeks.

Running like a wild person through the woods soothes the soul. Nature trails are among the best places to go jogging. Running or walking on a trail satisfies the primitive being in people. When you run on a trail you reduce the risk of injuring yourself. Running on soft surfaces such as dirt trails, lessons the likelihood of getting injuries such as shin splints. Additionally, running on a trail gives people a rush. The smell of clean air, the change in scenery, and being away from cars, trains, and planes will really help you clear your mind.

Beach running or walking is a challenge, but comes with many health benefits. Running on soft sand reduces the overall stress of pounding on your lower extremities, but does come with increased collision time. Another words it will take you longer to run one mile on the beach than it would on the pavement. Running on the beach forces your quads, hip flexors, gluteus muscles to engage twice as much as they normally do. Barefoot Beach running or walking forces your smaller muscles in the knees, ankles, and feet to work harder than on a normal road run as well. If you work Beach running or walking into your running or walking regimen you can avoid many of the common road injuries and knee problems. However, keep in mind there are going to be hazards such as glass or sharp shells.

No matter what setting you choose, the best places to go jogging or walking are usually going to be outdoors. Being outside tends to be more serene and less daunting than the gym. Many athletes look forward to going outdoors for their daily jog or walk. Make sure before going for a jog or walk in the mountains, on a trail, or on the beach you do a little research and look into the hazards of training in these places. Additionally, make sure to stay well hydrated whether it’s cold or hot, you don’t want to fall dehydrated far from home.