Three Ways to Prevent Workout Injuries

Oct 24, 2013 | Fitness | 0 comments

Though it’s something that we tend not to think of in advance, it’s important to consider how to prevent workout injuries. We take the time to focus on a good workout and work hard to get results. We focus on exercises that are going to help us in our goals and we work to perfect technique and form. All of these things are important to our overall fitness plan, but if you aren’t working to prevent workout injuries then you’re missing out on a major component of it.

If you are injured then you can’t move forward in any capacity. Therefore learning what you can do to be wise and to be proactive in keeping injuries away is instrumental to your success. Here we look at three ways to ensure that you prevent workout injuries so they are not a problem moving forward.

1. Stretching: One of the areas that so many of us tend to skip past within our workouts is stretching. This is essential to get the body warmed up, but also cooled down properly. The muscles are going to work hard during a workout and if you don’t stretch them then you may easily get injured. The muscles must be stretched out and you need to take your time with this. You can assure that the muscles will not only perform at their best, but also that you won’t get injured after the workout when you don’t take the time to get the body back to a resting state. Stretching is a key part of flexibility and to your workouts overall!

2. Warming Up Slowly: You do need to make time for a warm up to prevent workout injuries. If you don’t warm up you go from resting state to an active state which can cause injury to the muscles. Warming up means some light stretching but also a slow and light cardio movement that can get the body ready for the activity properly. This is an excellent way to ease into your workout and to really keep yourself going strong throughout.

3. Staying Properly Hydrated: Believe it or not if you don’t have enough water before, during, and after a workout this can lead to injuries. The body needs water to help you power through a workout. It also needs water for after a workout when you need time to recuperate. When you partner proper hydration with good stretching and warm up, this makes for an excellent combination to prevent workout injuries. This way when you power through your movements, the muscles have what they need and can then recuperate properly. Hydration is good for everything, particularly helping to aid in keeping injuries away for good.