Did The Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson Take It Too Far?

Feb 21, 2014 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

”The Biggest Loser” is a popular reality show. It revolves around overweight contestants. These contestants compete with each other in an effort to lose weight. Whoever loses the most weight is deemed the winner. Moreover, a cash prize is offered to the contestant who succeeds in losing a significant number of pounds. The winner of season 15 of “The Biggest Loser” is Rachel Frederickson.

When Rachel began her weight loss endeavor, she weighed a whooping 260 pounds. Her BMI was 43.27, which is classified as Class-3 obesity. However, Frederickson managed to reduce her weight by following an intense training routine and a strict diet. Rachel Frederickson’s training regimen included various exercises. The exercise session that yielded such results was rather long. Moreover, Rachel Frederickson also controlled her calorie intake. Her calorie intake was restricted by a significant amount to yield fast and promising results.

Generally, one cannot lose weight as rapidly as Rachel did. In most cases, weight loss regimens enable you to drop a pound a week. If you combine calorie restrictions with intense exercises, you may be able to lose about two pounds per week. But that’s about it. However, Rachel resorted to a much more intense routine. Rachel Frederickson went on record and said that she worked out about five to six hours on a daily basis.

In most cases, working out this much requires a heavy calorie intake to stay healthy and have the energy to continue with the regimen. However, Rachel even limited her calorie intake. In addition to the intense and long exercise routines, Rachel consumed only 1,600 calories on a daily basis. Cutting down calories by this much and following an exercise routine as such would yield amazing results.

To maintain her calorie level, Rachel Frederickson consumed a drink. This drink consisted of ice, lemon and herbal sweetener. This variant of lemon slush was the preferred snack for the winner of “The Biggest Loser”. This snack also contributed towards significant weight loss. This is because lemons, oranges and grapefruits are considered natural fat burners.

The intense workout routine, combined with a restricted calorie intake and a lemon slush as a snack helped Rachel lose about 60% of her body weight. She dropped down from 260 pounds all the way to 105 pounds. Her current BMI is under 18 and she looks like a whole different person. Moreover, the winner of “The Biggest Loser” clearly states that she feels great and is perfectly healthy.

Rachel’s transformation may be considered intense by some, but there are others who appreciate her efforts. There is no doubt she has displayed immense willpower to transform her life. This dramatic weight loss is definitely an enormous achievement and her determination has definitely paid off. What do you think of Frederickson’s weight loss? Did she go too far or not? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.