How to Get a Ripped Back

Nov 11, 2013 | Fitness | 0 comments

The back is one of the most neglected parts of the body as far as sex appeal and working out. But, we will say that it is also one of the sexiest parts of the body. This is why ladies sport backless dresses so much—it is sexy to show skin in that region. Many think they need a lot of muscle there though—mostly men but some women like that extreme definition too so we will cover how to get a ripped back here for those who want to sport some serious definition!

What you need to know to get a ripped back:

What you need to know to get a ripped ‘anything’ is protein. A very high protein diet will have to be consumed in order to get a dramatic result. Ripped is a dramatic result—you aren’t just talking about definition—this is an extreme chiseled look that takes the right diet, hard work and patience.

Weight training in layers:

For both men and women—getting a ripped back is a process. First it depends on what your BMI or fat percentage is. If it’s high enough—the first thing your body will do is shed the flabby bits which makes for a less attractive back if you are looking at showing it off. The second thing that will happen is you will start to tone and see a pull in the skin around the muscle. Then a bit of time after that, you will see some extra definition in and around the muscles of the back. However, take note that each person is different and will yield a different result.

Workout specifics

To get a ripped back you have to consult a personal trainer at a gym. Each person needs to have a plan that is tailored to them and them alone. However, the way it will go which—barring any preexisting injury to compensate for—you will be starting with small weights that are designed for toning. Then, depending on your individual fitness level and BMI, you would then graduate—little at a time—to the Nautilus machines or something similar.

Other factors to expect:

Be prepared to be very sore and for a very long time. This is because, just when you think you’ve gotten used to a certain weight—up it will go. You must constantly tear muscle and heal it to create this look.