Top 5 Tips to Run in the Rain

Jun 19, 2018 | Fitness | 0 comments

Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside and miss out on your run in the great outdoors. With the following five tips, you could run in the rain comfortably and get your workout in without skipping a beat.

1. Wear a Light, Water-Resistant Jacket Over Layers

A water-resistant jacket is necessary if you are planning to run in the rain. This will help ensure your body remains as dry as possible. On warmer days, you could even opt for a waterproof vest rather than a full jacket.

When it comes to wearing layers, balance is the key. You don’t want to overdo it and end up overheating, so keep the temperature in mind. Choose fabrics that could wick sweat and water away from the skin, and use those for the layer closest to your skin. Then wear an outer layer that is water-resistant and wind-resistant.

2. Wear a Cap

Because a cap has a brim, you could protect your face and your eyes from the rain. It’s best to have a few hats to choose from so that you can have one for every type of weather.

On rainy days that are warm, you could opt for a hat that is made with venting so that the material is breathable and could help prevent your head from overheating. On the other hand, if you are going to run on a cold, rainy day, a fleece headband and a hat made of thicker material could help shield your ears from the elements and keep more warmth from escaping.

3. Stop Chafing Before It Happens

When you plan to run in the rain, apply some anti-chafing balm to your feet, as that could help keep blisters at bay. Then apply some to other areas of your body that are prone to chafing, such as your legs and arms.

4. Choose the Right Socks

Investing in wicking socks is also wise if you want to run when it is raining outside. These could also help prevent blisters, and they can help keep your feet as dry as possible.

5. Don’t Run During a Thunderstorm

While it’s fine to run when it’s raining, if there’s a thunderstorm going on, it’s best to stay indoors and wait until the storm has passed. During a thunderstorm with lightening, there is a risk of getting struck, so it’s best to not take your chances with getting hurt just for a workout.

Now that you know how to run in the rain, the weather won’t ever hold you back again from getting outside, enjoying the fresh air and sights, and getting your exercise in for the day.