Simple Salad Making Mistakes That Can Cause Weight Gain

Sep 26, 2013 | Diets | 0 comments

You probably think that salad you’re making for lunch is good for you, but you might be surprised at some simple salad making mistakes that can cause weight gain. Salad is one of the most turned to foods for dieting because it’s assumed to be healthy. If prepared and eaten properly, salad can be an excellent food choice. The problem comes however when people add fatty toppings and make some big mistakes that can cost them far too many calories and fat grams. So if you find yourself wondering how to avoid this, there are some great ways to ensure you don’t fall into this trap.

The first and most obvious salad making mistakes that can cause weight gain comes in the way of the salad dressing itself. You go about making a salad and prepare it with loads of vegetables and it’s a great nutritional investment. Then when you get to the end, you load on far too much dressing which is loaded with fat and calories.

The Wrong Salad Choices Can Really Add Up

The dressing that you use and the portion that you consume of it will help to decide if your salad is good for you or not. Always opt for low fat dressings, a splash of oil with vinegar, or simple dressings like lemon juice. The fatty dressings will do nothing to help you and everything to hurt you.

Another big salad making mistake that can cause weight gain is in the type of toppings that you add. When you top your salad with cheese, bacon, fatty meats such as ham, or fried chicken strips, you are literally wiping away the nutrition and replacing it with fat. Even if you start with a healthy base of greens and vegetables, adding such toppings will tip the scale in the wrong direction.

To ensure that you avoid the biggest salad making mistakes that can cause weight gain always keep it lean. Start with a base of greens and add loads of vegetables. These are a great nutritional investment and they keep the fat and calories low. Then add a lean protein such as grilled chicken or turkey breast to keep it healthy and fulfilling. If you can learn to keep the salads lean then you can enjoy them in hearty portions, feel full longer, and work towards weight loss. Never make another salad mistake again and learn to embrace this weight loss super food!