The Most Effective Side Plank Exercises

Jun 17, 2016 | Fitness | 0 comments

Plank exercises are hugely popular because they’re a really great way to test and enhance the strength of your upper body, as well as your core and legs. But to increase the intensity of your plank training routine, consider adding some really effective side plank exercises to the mix.
The exercises below are just a few suggestions that you can start incorporating into your workout routine.

See how much you like them and if you want to do them more regularly to further challenge your body in new ways.

1. Start in a traditional forearm plank position and then transition to the right side. Hold yourself up with your right forearm, and keep your body long and in one line from head to feet. You’ll be balancing on the side of your stacked feet, and you can bring your right hand to face forward so that you can get more stability. Raise your left arm straight into the air and then control your muscles as you dip that arm down to the floor and back to the sky. Repeat for a few reps and then switch sides.

2. To really work the oblique abdominals, get into the side plank position on your forearm and dip your hips down to the floor. This is one of those side plank exercises that can be quite challenging, so give it all that you’ve got for as many reps as you can get. Make sure you keep your core tight and strong. By dipping and lifting your hips, you’ll be working your abs in a whole new way.

3. Bring some extra strength to your legs with another variation of traditional side plank exercises. Start on your side again as you did for the exercises above, but this time, instead of keeping your feet stacked one on top of the other, you can stagger them by placing the bottom foot a couple of feet in front of your top foot. Then use your thighs and hips to lift the top leg a few feet off the ground until it’s level with or above your torso. Keep your other arm pointing to the ceiling so that you can properly balance throughout the movement. You’ll be using your core to hold yourself up strong as you lift and lower your top leg to get into the leg muscles.

These are just a few of the many side plank exercises that people are doing in the gym today in order to increase the intensity and effectiveness of their workout routine. Be sure to give them a try while paying close attention to your form.