The Benefits of Starting a New Workout Routine

Sep 12, 2015 | Fitness | 0 comments

While it is commendable you work out regularly it is important that you often change your workout routines. Varying your workout routines will help you maintain fitness levels and you will make better progress, plus the last thing you want is unequal body fat distribution. Here are some benefits of starting a new workout routine:

Say No to Plateaus
Plateaus mainly occur when your body gets used to a certain type of exercise. It is important you start varying your workout routine to keep your exercises from becoming ineffective.

If you follow that same workout routine, you will eventually hit a plateau. While you will still be able to burn calories, you will have to put in more effort and time to increase your resistance levels or speed to get maximized results. This is why trainers are always trying to get their clients to change their workout routines or increase the number of reps in each workout session. Starting a new workout routine will help boost your metabolism as your strength and endurance grows.

Increased Rate of Recovery
Your body needs time to recover from your workouts. Suppose if your spend the whole week running 5 miles each day, your muscles will not have enough time to recover, hence it is advisable that you alternate or vary your workout sessions so your body has enough time to rest and recover. Increased and persistent workouts of the same exercise can injure your muscles and cause fatigue. This will further slow down your recovery time. Make sure you take part in multiple low-intensity workouts between your intense workouts during the week so your body does not get too overwhelmed.

Avoid Repetition and Boredom
Many people enjoy their workout sessions till they get bored of the same activity. Starting a new workout routine will help you maintain your interest in exercising. Enjoying your workout sessions is important if you successfully want to lose weight. The last thing you want is to get bored of cycling because if you do it too much. If you keep sticking to the same workout routine, each day your results will start to drop. This will lower your productivity and will cause you to dread your workout sessions. Not to forget your body will get used to the same exercise and working out will have no effect.

Here’s the thing: keep alternating exercises so you continue to have fun during your workouts.