Top 3 Reasons Diets Fail

Jul 13, 2019 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

Coming into the New Year, one of the most common New Year’s resolutions that starts at the top of everyone’s list at the beginning of the year and for 80% of the population, end up at the bottom over the next twelve weeks, is losing weight. However, with the onset of the summer months, people usually re-gain that momentum to get in swimsuit shape. Once the weather begins to turn cold again and the holidays come around people generally begin to pack the pounds back on just in time to put weight loss back on the New Year’s resolution list for the upcoming year. This is the most common “diet roller coaster” most people that struggle with weight loss get on over and over again.

Unfortunately, there are several ways dieters set themselves up for failure when they begin a diet. Here are the top 3 reasons diets fail:

  1. First up on our list of the top 3 reasons diets fail: lack of motivation. One of the biggest reasons diets fail has much to do with motivation. Oftentimes, dieters start out ready to cut calories and work out every day of the week. This is great, but in many cases short lived. Beginning a diet and exercise regimen can produce satisfying results for the first few weeks. After the weight loss begins to slow down, dieters become frustrated and give up too early. Another way in which people lose motivation is temptation. It is difficult to turn down a piece of Death by Chocolate cake for some lettuce. Dieters gradually become tired of giving up great tasting food and depriving themselves of foods that contain sugar. What many dieters don’t realize is that calories are necessary for use as energy. If the body isn’t taking in enough calories it will begin burning muscle instead. Cutting too many calories and cutting out all sweets can leave you fatigued and miserable just as well.
  1. Next on our list of the top 3 reasons diets fail: selecting the wrong program to follow. Another reason diets fail is because people do not choose an appropriate diet program and exercise plan that will work for them. It is always enticing to find the weight loss plan that promises to help you lose the most amount of weight in the shortest amount of time. The thing to remember is if the diet sounds too good to be true, it probably is! To lose weight and keep it off requires a long term commitment, generally losing no more than 2 lbs a week and cutting no more than 500-700 calories per day. Your diet plan should be well balanced instead of strictly removing foods like carbohydrates or food groups and should contain food items that can easily be found. Cutting large quantities and types of food can result in nutrient deficiency. Effective diet plans also include physical activity. Engaging in an exercise routine 3-5 days a week has several health benefits besides weight loss. Being active improves your mood, boosts metabolism, and strengthens your cardiovascular system. Lastly, your diet and exercise plan should be something you enjoy. If it feels like a chore, you are more apt to become bored, skip workout sessions, or “cheat” on your diet plan, eventually losing interest and giving up.
  1. The last of the top 3 reasons diets fail: poor eating habits. Lastly, diets fail because of simple, neglected, healthy eating habits. Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day and one of the most commonly skipped meals. Dieters presume they are cutting calories by taking breakfast out of the count, but they are just setting themselves up for failure for the rest of the day. Without stored energy in the form of calories, your body has nothing to use to burn fat consumed throughout the day. Furthermore, we need to go back to the basics of eating healthy foods, more often, rather than eating a 500 calorie cheeseburger and some French fries for lunch. Even if all you eat the 500 calorie lunch, the calories that were taken in are going to be stored in your body because soon enough it will go into its famine response mode and begin storing calories as fat when it feels threatened by a lack of the next meal. Thus, you end up hungry, miserable and giving up end up feeling like the better option.

How to Avoid the Top 3 Reasons Diets Fail 

Now that you know about the top 3 reasons diets fail, it is time to use this new knowledge to change your habits for the better. By making some necessary changes, you will be able to reduce the odds of your diet plan failing, and you will increase the odds that you will end up losing a lot of weight successfully and safely. So, use the information about the top 3 reasons diets fail to your advantage.

According to Eat This, Not That, there is a host of ways that you can more easily avoid the top 3 reasons diets fail. These include:

  • Use S.M.A.R.T. goals. Basically, you want to set goals by following the SMART method. Your goals should be specific, they should be measurable, and they should be attainable. They should also be realistic, and they should be time-bound. When setting your intentions for your weight loss journey, use this simple method to help set yourself up for successfully shedding the excess weight.
  • Be patient and gentle with yourself. Things will inevitably get in the way of your diet and exercise plan every now and then. After all, you can’t expect every day to go perfectly smoothly. This is completely fine. If you fall off course, just get back on. Don’t hold it against yourself, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Whether you need to skip an exercise session, or you end up eating more calories than you should in a day, don’t let these little setbacks cause so much negativity in your mind that you end up hurting your efforts overall. Also, bear in mind that it takes about a month, usually, to establish new habits, and changes come on gradually. Just keep going, as you will be able to avoid the top 3 reasons diets fail.
  • Work out with friends, or get a personal trainer. Working out with your friends can help you hold yourself accountable, and that can also help you avoid the top 3 reasons diets fail. When they are motivated to get out there and exercise, it is more likely that you will be too. You won’t be going it all alone, and that can definitely help! Beyond that, you might also want to consider getting a personal trainer who will work with your unique body and needs in order to set up a workout routine that will work wonders at shaping and toning your body from head to toe.

Avoid the Top 3 Reasons Diets Fail 

If you want to avoid the top 3 reasons diets fail, you need to not only know what those reasons are, but also find ways to change your habits so that you can boost the odds of shedding the weight and staying on track. Remember, diets are temporary, but lifestyle habits should be permanent.