Top Reasons Why Soccer Is a Great Total Body Workout

Jun 25, 2014 | Fitness | 0 comments

Soccer is a great sport and is loved all over the world. People enjoy watching soccer, but not everyone is excited about playing it. Most people do not realize that soccer is not just a game. In fact, it can be an excellent workout routine. It works out various parts of your body and also gives you an intense cardio routine at the same time. There are few routines that can give you a total body workout like soccer does. If you want a workout that burns calories yet works out your entire body, then soccer is for you.

Intense Core Workout

Soccer is without a doubt a great workout for your core muscles. When you run, kick the ball, or dribble, your core gets an intense workout. In addition, you run for extensive periods of time. All these things one does in soccer contribute toward an excellent core workout. In fact, you cannot get a better core workout than with soccer. If you play soccer with dedication, you will develop a six-pack a lot faster than if you go to the gym.

Excellent Method of Toning Leg Muscles

Toning your leg muscles without gaining too much weight is quite complicated when you go to the gym alone. However, with a total body workout like soccer, you can do this quite easily. All you need to do is play for a couple of minutes every day, and then you should be set with well-toned legs. The intense running and dribbling give your legs a superb workout. You can also add squats or deadlifts to enhance the effect. Either way, you will see a significant improvement in your legs. They will appear more toned, and the fat levels will be low.

Burning Calories Is a Breeze

Burning calories at the gym is a pain. You have to spend hours on the treadmill and perform endless circuit-training routines. If you are bored of cardio exercises at the gym, maybe it is time to shuffle things around. You should play soccer for an hour or 30 minutes every da,y and you will see the difference. Playing soccer burns a significant number of calories that most gym workouts cannot match.

Strength Combined with Aesthetics

One of the best aspects of soccer as a total body workout is that it promotes strength and aesthetics. It increases your muscle endurance and also helps you develop strength. Not only do you appear toned and muscular but you also feel stronger. There aren’t many workouts that can guarantee such results.
If you want an intense total body workout, you cannot do any better than playing soccer.