Everything You Should Know about the Trampoline Fitness Craze

Nov 7, 2014 | Fitness | 0 comments

Losing weight can be boring, hectic, stressful, or frustrating, or all of those things together. People are willing to go to any extent to get rid of their excess body fat, but the problem is that they stay motivated only for a month or two. After that time has passed, they either get bored or, if they do not see any significant results, they give up.

Nevertheless, creatures of habit never really do give up, and they keep pushing themselves to achieve the desired results. There are also many fun routines and regimes that have proven to be successful. How would you feel if all you had to do was jump up and down, have fun, and lose weight? Yes, there is a form of exercise that allows you to jump up and down, all the while boosting your mood and the speed at which you lose weight: the trampoline fitness program. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the crazy-fun routine that is quickly becoming a trend in different parts of the world.

The Trampoline Fitness Program and the Reasons Behind the Craze

Many different countries and cities in various parts of the world have started offering programs to help you lose a significant amount of weight by jumping on a trampoline. Even though each program might differ somewhat, trampoline fitness programs are pretty much the same throughout the world. The reason behind the newfound craze of using trampolines for the purpose of losing weight is that it is a fun method that helps you burn fat three times faster than walking does. However indifferent you might feel, this fitness program is definitely worth a try.

How Much Time Does It Take?

The length of the workout sessions varies from place to place and depends entirely on how many pounds you wish to drop. Most programs offer sessions that last for around 45 minutes and have been designed to give you a full-body workout. However, the most remarkable quality of jumping on trampolines is they burn about 480 calories in a matter of just 30 minutes. So, even with a busy schedule, you can give 30 minutes to your classes and lose weight faster than you would by walking or running.

Is There an Age Limit?

Currently, the programs are aimed to attract people who are in their 20s and above, but generally trampolines can be used by people of any age or size. Newer programs might include fitness training for teens and kids as well.

Most Notable Benefits of Trampoline Workout Routines

  • Significantly tones muscles
  • Improvement in balance and coordination
  • Slowly diminishes cellulite
  • Boosts circulation, immune system, and overall energy
  • Say “goodbye” to stress and anxiety

So, in a nutshell, the trampoline fitness craze might prove to be the weight loss solution for which many people have been waiting.