Hike Around the San Blas Ruins for a Vacation Workout that Takes You on a Trip to the Past

Apr 24, 2020 | Fitness | 0 comments

If you want to keep up with your vacation workout plans, then make sure your trips aren’t just about lying on the beach. Sure, soaking up the sun can be a fantastic part of your time away from home, but you can still have fun while moving around.

When you’re on a Mexican holiday, spoil yourself by staying in a luxury Mexico beach villa, but don’t forget your vacation workout times while you’re there! You can swim in the pool or in the ocean. You can run on the beach. But you can also learn about history and get a great hike while you do it.

A San Blas Historical Vacation Workout

It’s worth your while to drive out to San Blas both for the regions fascinating naval history and for a great vacation workout at the same time. Head outside of town to the ruins so you can check out an important part of this region’s roots.

This town was founded by Spanish explorers. It was used as a shipyard and a port where Spanish colonizers could stop and supply themselves before moving onward. It was originally founded in 1530 by Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán. That said, it was first recognized as a deep sea port in 1768 by King Charles III of Spain.

Your Vacation Workout Through Time

When you head out to the ruins, you’ll likely start at the Contaduría, which was first built on the San Basilio hill in 1770. It wasn’t the first building there, as Franciscan friars under Firar Junípero Serra had been there a few years earlier when they headed off on their mission from the port to the Nuestra Señora de Loreto Mission for the purpose of colonizing the Californias.

The Contaduria was an extremely important structure as it was both a headquarters and a storage facility. Let your hike take you around the ruins of what was once a multi-story building that was large enough and visible enough to be used as an important landmark even from the water.

Keep your hike going down the hill and you’ll come across the Nuestra Señora del Rosario church ruins. That church was first built back in 1769. This will make you feel as though you’ve traveled back into an entirely different point in Mexican history, far before your trip – or your vacation workout – began.

Other Travel and Vacation Workout Strategies for Staying Fit

Even if you’re not doing an activity or seeing a site that is particularly physically demanding, there are many basic vacation workout tricks you can employ to stay on top of things.  Use the following to help you to make sure you keep fit while you’re away, even if your typical strategy isn’t available to you.

Don’t Expect Too Much

The odds are that you won’t be able to match all your typical weekly exercises with the vacation workouts you complete.  Tell yourself that it’s all right if you don’t get fit in your normal way.  Be realistic and set a goal of completing at last half of your typical workouts.  Anything more is just a bonus.

Be Prepared

Instead of waiting until you arrive at your destination, have a plan in place for your vacation workouts.  Consider your accommodations and the potential workout spaces available. Is there a fitness center on site? A pool? Is there a hiking or jogging trail? Is there a nearby park with something you can use as a track?  Find out what’s available to you and plan ahead to work with it.

Check Out Local Gyms

If you truly feel that you can’t get the workout you want without a gym, check out the area to see if a gym is available. You may be able to find one that sells day passes to let you in while you’re visiting the area.

Pack Smart

You may not be able to bring all your favorite gym equipment with you, but you can still bring some great options along. For instance, a resistance band takes up next to no space but can give you a complete upper and lower body workout.  Come up with some routines before you leave so you’ll already have the guidance you need to do your best vacation workout.  Also consider packing a couple of empty water bottles you can refill and use as hand weights.  Make sure the bottles are the same size for equal weight when filled.

Beyond equipment, don’t forget to pack comfortable workout clothes appropriate for the weather where you’ll be traveling.

Prioritize Fun

Your vacation workout is important, but don’t allow it to sacrifice the fun of your vacation because you want to exercise and keep up your fitness.  If you find yourself skipping trying local delicacies or you delay – or skip – various sites and adventures so you can exercise instead, you’re missing the point of traveling in the first place. Give yourself a break.  Enjoy where you are. You’ll do the rest of your exercises when you get home.