Why Your Weight Loss Dinner Should Be Low in Carbohydrates

Dec 17, 2013 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

Your weight loss dinner while dieting needs to be low in carbs. There is a reason for this and there is a reason why you need to eat carbs at certain times of the day and not others. Carbs are what our bodies convert into energy and they are also what puts the weight on when we aren’t careful. It is an easy thing to learn and we will touch on the good and bad carbs and which ones you should be eating and at what time.

In the morning time is when you should be eating the whole grains like in 9 grain bread as toast. Then a great grain cereal with orange juice that is organic with pulp for the fiber. These are breakfast foods for a reason, they are super charged carbs that are great for starting the day as long as they are balanced out with proteins such as eggs and maybe a lean meat. the best breakfast is called everything from prize fighters breakfast to farmers breakfast and always includes super charged carbs like potatoes and grits with bread and meat.

The super charged carbs should not be eaten in the evening–in fact for lunch, the most carb you should have at noon or after should be a cereal bar or a sandwich on whole grain bread. However, this is still a bit strong. We would love if it was fresh fruit (no canned stuff), dried fruit or vegetables.

Here is the reason why we are adamant as to when you should eat certain carbs. In the daytime, your metabolism is much higher. You are moving about and using the energy far more efficiently. As the day goes on, your body begins to produce hormones like melatonin that will begin to prepare you for sleep. This begins from around 3 pm. It doesn’t happen as late as you think. When this happens, your metabolism slows down so, when you eat those same carbs like meat and potatoes while you are losing weight in the evening time. Your weight loss dinner should be 4 oz lean protein with vegetables and salad. A good carb to have as a starch would be a sweet potato to substitute a starchy russet.

If you follow this weight loss dinner routine for life you should never have an issue with your weight again–at least you won’t gain weight due to eating the wrong carbs at the wrong time and nor will you have anything wrong with your energy.