Weight Loss Supplement Myth-Understandings

Oct 29, 2019 | Supplements | 0 comments

There are hundreds upon hundreds of weight loss supplements available for sale online and in stores, which can make it very difficult to choose the best ones to safely use for the healthiest and fastest fat reduction. This problem is only compounded with the number of myths that are regularly circulated online and through word of mouth, misleading millions of dieters every year and causing them to spend their time and money on products that don’t work or – even worse – are not safe.

Stop Believing These Weight Loss Supplement Myths

The following are some of the most common weight loss supplement myths. Have a look and make sure that you don’t fall victim to their false promises.

If It Looks Too Good to be True, It Is

Without question, in every single case, if it looks like a product would require a miracle to work as claimed, then it will not live up to its promises. Always remember that there is no weight loss supplement (or prescription drug, for that matter) that will cause fat to “melt” off your body with no effort required and without any side effects. All effective weight loss supplements will require you to take them alongside a healthy, well balanced, calorie controlled diet and exercise program that is appropriate to your fitness level.

Recognize the Hype

One of the main weight loss supplement myths flooding the industry at the moment has to do with the African herb called hoodia. There has been a massive amount of hype claiming that it is an effective appetite suppressant. However, there has never been a single reputable study that has indicated that the use of this plant – or any of its extracts or the P57 molecule – will have any impact whatsoever on hunger levels or fat loss. Moreover, this plant in the form of a pill has never even been studied for its safety for human use, so it is likely better to wait until the medical world forms an opinion before you slap down your cash.

Know a Fat Burner When You See It

One of the primary weight loss supplements marketed as a fat burner is green tea. Though green tea extract may promote some degree of weight loss, and this has been shown in several scientific studies, that lost weight has never been shown to last. It is more likely that the caffeine content of the substance is leading to short term fat and fluid loss that is likely to be regained soon afterward. It is also important to know that a fat burner will only help you to lose weight if it is used in conjunction with exercise, so even if you pop an effective fat burner, you’ll need to get active if you want it to work.

Your Weight Loss Supplement with Never Do the Work for You – Ever

Yes, there are pills out there with ingredients that show that they are fat burners, fat blockers, energy boosters, and appetite suppressants.  That said, no matter what they claim about these benefits, they will not cause you to lose weight all on their own.  You won’t be able to keep up all the habits that caused you to gain the weight in the first place, pop a pill, and lose weight.  It simply doesn’t happen.  It doesn’t work with either supplements or prescription obesity drugs, just as you learned in the earlier rule about not believing in products that appear to be too good to be true.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most widely advertised – and widely believed – weight loss supplement myths.  Dubious pill manufacturers want you to believe that you can take the easy way out and simply swallow a pill for miraculous fat melting magic.  Never has a safe supplement or drug had this effect for sustainable lost fat.

Often, manufacturers that promise these weight loss supplement myths are either outright lying, selling something dangerous that may seem to work but that is putting your health at risk, or you are simply temporarily losing water weight that will be regained as soon as you are rehydrated again.

Avoid any product that promises that you won’t need to make any changes but that you will still lose the weight.  Your doctor will tell you the exact same thing, which is why it’s always wise to talk to your physician about any diet pill you’re considering.

Stick to the Truth and Avoid Weight Loss Supplement Myths

Reputable companies such as Intechra Health will provide you with additional support information and resources.  They will also make it clear on their packaging that they are designed for use along with healthy lifestyle changes, particularly as recommended by your doctor.  They do not make any promises about working on their own without any other necessary changes.

Though there are dozens of other myths about weight loss supplements, this is a good start to help keep yourself steered in the right direction.