The Best Workout Videos Online

Jan 16, 2014 | Fitness | 0 comments

Are you looking to get fit for the new year and want to become more active? Many people are, however, for various reasons you may be putting it off. Gyms can be pricey, and sometimes judgemental. The weather doesn’t always permit a nice hot and hardcore workout. However, you can get your fat burn on for FREE from the privacy of your own home.

Some of the best workout videos online are offered for free, and can be better than a gym workout anyway. Fitsugar A.K.A. PopSugar Fitness is great for workout videos online as well as recipes, healthy living tips, and weight loss tips. FitSugar has great workout videos that are upbeat and motivating. The FitSugar videos are aimed toward women, to help target a woman’s problem areas. However, the videos are not exclusively for women and have a positive effect on people.

BodyRock is an interactive home workout COMMUNITY. There are challenges to compete in and get support in as well as great videos. BodyRock has real trainers who are leading you through your fitness journey. You can get advice, ask questions, leave comments, and discuss diet, workouts, and healthy lifestyles in general. The videos and challenges are easy to follow and are extremely effective.

Fitness Blender is a great site for workout videos online because it offers individual videos that can be used alone, or videos that can be done in sets. Fitness Blender also allows people an entire lifestyle plan with both diet and exercise plans. The plan tells you what order, when, and how to complete both the exercises and meal plans. The videos themselves are similar to many of the more popular workout programs on the internet. All videos offer alternatives for people who cannot perform the exercise as is.

These workout videos online are all free and usually offer a lot more than just that. The videos themselves are demonstrated by experts and trainers. They give you motivation and tips in addition to effective and hardcore workouts. They offer videos that are on all levels of fitness, ranging from mild to mildly insane. It is advised like with all workout plans that people with health conditions or restrictions speak to their doctor before performing the videos.