Safe Workouts for Kids Who Want to Stay in Shape

Mar 5, 2014 | Fitness | 0 comments

There is an ongoing debate about whether kids should exercise or not. The truth is that they can. If your child is old enough to indulge in activities such as baseball or football, then he or she can exercise as well. Getting your children into the habit of exercising will help them manage their weight. By encouraging your kids to exercise, you will also push them in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. However, you should keep an eye on the types of exercises that your kids perform. The exercises you introduce to your kids should be safe. Let’s look at safe workouts for kids who want to stay in shape:


One of the safest exercises for kids is pushups. It works out the entire body and is fun to perform. Kids always love doing exercises that seem fun. Be sure to watch your child’s form, however, when he or she performs this exercise. Even safe exercises can cause injuries if the form is not proper. Watch out for the wrist position as it is the most common injury area in pushups.

Lateral Pull-Ups

Lateral pull-ups are another great exercise for developing upper body strength. They are also important in toning your child’s arms and back. Be sure to watch the height of the ramp where your child is performing this exercise. The best way is to ensure safety is to keep the bar close to the floor so that your child doesn’t get hurt if he or she loses grip. You can stand below your child while he or she is performing the exercise.

Working Out With Weights?

Should you allow your children to exercise with weights? There are many speculations regarding this. Some even claim that weight training will stunt your child’s growth. However, the only reason not to allow them to train with weights is safety in terms of form and the amount of weight used. Once they are aware of the exercises and have been working out for a while, there is no harm in introducing them to weights under proper supervision.


Cardiovascular workouts are the best workouts for kids when it comes to getting their bodies in shape. You can take your child to the park and have him or her perform interval sprints, running from point A to point B as fast as possible. Let your child rest for a while before the next round of sprinting. This will tone the child’s body without resulting in muscle loss.

If your children want to get in shape, you can guide them in the abovementioned workouts for kids.