Why Yo-Yo Dieting Can Make You Fat

May 14, 2022 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

Though you may recognize it’s not the best idea, so many of us are unaware of just how many problems with yo-yo dieting there really are. First and foremost, it’s simply not effective and yet we all have a tendency to fool ourselves. We want to lose weight and so we jump at the latest trend, only to feel disappointed. We try so hard and throw ourselves into the latest diet craze, and then find later on that we end up gaining it all back and then some.

The Metabolism Problem with Yo-Yo Dieting

As if this disappointment isn’t enough, there’s the fact that the problems with yo-yo dieting can really wreak havoc on your metabolism. As you are working to try and lose weight, the constant up and down and change in direction that this type of dieting offers causes long term problems.

Your metabolism can’t adjust and though it keeps trying, it eventually slows down. This matters so much because it means that no matter how hard you try, your body will respond unfavorably to your weight loss attempts.

Short Term Changes That Don’t Add Up to Long Term Success

Another one of the big problems with yo-yo dieting is that it is usually based on short term and very inappropriate methods for losing weight in the first place. So many of the diets out there are based on the latest trend and these will never give you the long-term results that you want. These are methods that are intended to help you lose weight quickly up front, but then the success rate tapers down and your ability to keep up with a flawed program waiver as well.

One of the final problems with yo-yo dieting and probably one of the most significant is that at the core it is based on deprivation. Any diet or fad that promotes cutting back on calories or foods in a drastic way will end up causing you to gain weight. Your body thinks that you are going into starvation mode, and it responds by holding onto everything that you eat. So, while you are practically starving in an attempt to lose weight, you will end up gaining it as your body works to protect you from a terrible fate.

Yo-Yo Dieting Works Against Sustainable Weight Loss

In the end there are far too many problems with yo-yo dieting because it’s not the right way to lose weight. You are putting your body and mind through too much strain, and you will not end up with the weight loss or body transformation that you want.

Going back to basics and keeping with a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and exercise is what will help to take the weight off once and for all. To begin, it’s time to set aside the mindset that you will take certain steps until you achieve your goal weight.  That is not the mindset that will allow you to achieve sustainable weight loss.  Instead, remember that your goal weight is only one of many goals along the way.

Since your strategy doesn’t end when you reach your target weight, you’ll be more likely to keep up your efforts over the long term. Use this time to build a healthier relationship with food. Instead of thinking of “good” and “bad” foods, focus on nutrition, variety, flavor, and still enjoying your favorite foods, only eating some of them as rare treats instead of daily options.

Build activity into your life and support your efforts with a product such as FASTCUT diet pills. Don’t forget to focus on stress management and get the sleep you need too.

By creating this type of healthy lifestyle, you’ll achieve weight control that would never be possible through yo-yo dieting.